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  1. Marc18

    Show us Daytona's

  2. Marc18

    Forge recirc valve vs GFB DV+

    I just wanted the extra noise that comes with the aftermarket valves.
  3. Marc18

    Forge recirc valve vs GFB DV+

    Anyone used both? Currently have the forge but I'm having a few issues. The valve is in two pieces and they keep vibrating loose and cause turbo flutter and sometimes loss of power and juddering. Gonna take it off and have good look at it to make sure there's no damage first but could be...
  4. Marc18

    Aggressive Wheel Fitment Thread

    New wheels this year. 19x9.5 et40 all round
  5. Marc18

    Sound system upgrade!!!

    I went custom....
  6. Marc18

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Few recent pictures
  7. Marc18

    What's the right tyre for 19 x 8.5J ?

    225/35 215/35
  8. Marc18

    what wheels are you running?

    Show wheels on now
  9. Marc18

    Anyone debadged the rear of their S3?

    Not the best photo but it's all I've got on this phone. I went for a completely smooth look, wiper will be off shortly
  10. Marc18

    Rs3 exhaust on S3!

    The opening in the s3 splitter is a lot bigger iirc. I run an s3 splitter on my a3 with twin 4" pipes on either side and it fills out the space. I'm sure the rs3 oval isn't 8" wide. If your wanting exhaust changes just go to a custom shop and have one made exactly how you want. Always cheaper...
  11. Marc18

    what wheels are you running?

    Zcw v10 at the moment
  12. Marc18

    Recaro's in a 8V

    Yeah I prefer the Cobras as they're something different to the norm. Carbon backs are nice too. My only issue is they get uncomfortable on long journeys
  13. Marc18

    Recaro's in a 8V

    Not too bad by all accounts. He uses a steel plate as a base. Attaches that too the car then used universal runners to fit the seat The leather is as near as makes no difference the same as the car, different grain but colours spot on
  14. Marc18

    Snapped key

    Thanks mate, excellent little explanation that. I'll sort out a mobile cutter to come out tomorrow and cut a new blade.
  15. Marc18

    Snapped key

    Don't recall getting key cover. I'll check the documents though. It's tried starting the car with the blade and a set of pliers (how I got the blade out in the first place), while the fob was still in the car. Safe mode kicks in and he car dies. I've lost my spare for now so that's not an...
  16. Marc18

    Snapped key

    The blade detaches from the fob itself with a small split pin so it's just the cutting that needs doing
  17. Marc18

    Recaro's in a 8V

    I got mine from demon tweeks. Paid £1150 each although they're cheaper now
  18. Marc18

    Snapped key

    Snapped my key tonight. Just the blade, the holder and the fob are both fine. What am I looking at too replace? Do I need to go to Audi or any locksmith do?
  19. Marc18

    Recaro's in a 8V

    I've got Cobras in mine not recaros. A mate of mine had recaro cs's in his 8v though. At the time of fitting neither company offered a seat rail to fit the 8v so both sets were custom mounted. Didn't do the install myself, my audio guy did them. He's done a few sets the same way and didn't...
  20. Marc18

    Small intake hose

    Would this split cause compressor surge at low boost? Or do I have another problem. I'm thinking silicone may be the way to go. May try and adjust lithe intake around and fit the remaining pipe back on then go buy silicone