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    Next Gen 2021 Audi A3 Sedan Debut

    I know they have pulled the 3 door, but have they said anything about the cabriolet?
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Waited for the sun to go down, then crept up on her and gave her a good scrub.
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    S3 cabriolet

    Have you lowered yours? I’ve got an S3 cab and have been thinking about lowering it for a while now. But there doesn’t seam to be any springs specifically for the cab and I would have thought they are carrying a bit more weight than the saloon.
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    Facelift S3 cabriolet

    Had an S3 Cab from new for 3 1/2 years now and it hasn’t missed a beat. As midlife crisis purchases go, it was a good one and I’m keeping it.
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    Not able to sale..

    I think it is the skip on the roof, that is putting buyers off.
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Her 3 years are up soon, but decided I’m keeping her. So had washed and brushed up and 2 wheels refurbished.
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    Facelift MTM Cantronic Tuning Box Dyno Results

    MTM website quotes 360 and my S3 FL achieved 364 on QS’s rollers and 324 before!! That was on 97 ron, so could be a tad higher on 98. Can’t remember the torque, but you definitely know its fitted, it is a whole different beast.
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    Facelift MTM Cantronic Tuning Box Dyno Results

    What happened to the guy that used to post a 2,000 word dissertation titled Mods are bad M'Kay, every time some as much as mentioned adjusting their seat.
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    A3 / S3 CAB Wind Deflector any good ?

    Cheer I have been looking at those recently, it looks like the AUDI one folds down smaller (i.e. in half both ways), so need to balance that off against paying an additional 200/300 quid.
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    A3 / S3 CAB Wind Deflector any good ?

    I have just enquired about the cost of buying a wind deflector for my car and have been quoted £420 versus £300 if ordered at the time of purchasing the car. As if £300 is not already extortionate enough; for some plastic and cloth, for the price jumps up by £120 or 40% if ordering after initial...
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    Facelift S3 First Service

    You might want to sit down for this one. My S3 has done 11k and is 13 months old and the oil change due message came up last week. Called Audi Southend and was quoted £500 !!! for an oil change and first service. I pointed out that the car was only flagging for an oil change and that the first...
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    S3 First Service Options

    If you go to an independent, can you just take the car in to a main dealer to get them to check for any software updates?
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    Supermarket Fuel

    Said the man from BP
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    Facelift S3/A3 convertible

    I got the cab on the basis that it was usually just me in my old car and sometimes one other. If the whole family was going out we took the Mrs's SUV. Since I got it we all go out in the cab, so there are endless arguments on who has to go in the back and having to move the front seats forward
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    Facelift S3/A3 convertible

    I drive mine up to the London Stadium for West Ham home matches and cut through bandit country on the way to/from there, with the roof down weather permitting and have never had any issues.
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    Facelift S3/A3 convertible

    Have a FL S3 cab and absolutely love it, if its not raining the roof is down. Woould post some pictures but don't know how to reduce the file size.
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    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    White FL S3 Cab on the A130 near Chelmsford and then again (I think) on the other side of Chelmsford a bit latter.