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  1. Oggy-s3

    Please help.

    Guys I need advice. Iv sold a uprated Sachs clutch plate and the guys asking if it'll fit in the standard clutch cover? Will it fit? Thank you.
  2. Oggy-s3

    2007 S3 Fault

    I love seeing the help on this forum! Fantastic work mjr901!
  3. Oggy-s3

    Ice cream van

    The wife's says so your gunna have to start saving!
  4. Oggy-s3

    POLL: Car color choice: I'm gonna paint it!

    Gotta be Merlin Purple!!
  5. Oggy-s3

    S3 revving up on idle

    I'v read about this before. It seems that the main issue for this is the PCV Valve.
  6. Oggy-s3

    My 2008 Sprint Blue S3 8P2 Thread

    Love this mate! I NEED that grill!
  7. Oggy-s3

    Audi Ipod dock, Iphone 5s

    Hi guys, Recently got a iphone 5s and obviously the connectors are different, How has anyone got around this?
  8. Oggy-s3

    Java Green S3

    Beautiful car! I'm sure iv seen you're corsa on CCUK. Used to have one awhile ago.
  9. Oggy-s3

    ** Updated Price ** She's pregnant... S3 for sale :(

    Great news!! Now get a matching recaro for the young one!
  10. Oggy-s3

    ****** wind!

    Thats actually a good idea Gaz! Think ill give it a try!
  11. Oggy-s3

    ****** wind!

    That sounds like a right pain!! Where the hell do i get a hinge from? Do you think i can do it myself?? So angry at the other half!
  12. Oggy-s3

    ****** wind!

    Hi guys. Iv got a 2007 audi s3. My girlfriend just opened the car door and the wind took it. Now it's dropped a lot! The car door will shut but you have to be really gentle and slowly. How has this happened and is there a simple fix?? Thanks guys.
  13. Oggy-s3

    Engine problems.

    Agree that's it the chain the tensioner! I forgot about that. Due it's service now Aswell the ******!
  14. Oggy-s3

    Engine problems.

    The bill wasn't kind mate. It was £1,587. Was about £400 labour. All the rest where parts. Yes the vacuum valve was PVC! The main problem was the fuel pump. That what give me the problems. He give me a call when the car was in bits and showed me the camshaft. It was a little worn. He said it was...
  15. Oggy-s3

    Need urgent advice re: car fire

    First thing, It's good to see you're injury free! Could of been nasty. It's a shame a s3 has to go this way! Make's me sad. :3sadwalk:
  16. Oggy-s3

    Engine problems.

    Hi guys! The car's back! Had alot more done then first thought.. Some parts haven't failed what they changed but there was a little bit a wear on them.. The car's had a new fuel pump, Camshaft, Vacuum valve and some more little bits but i forgot! He's doing a full right up fool of what its...
  17. Oggy-s3

    My S3 8P...Alps Time.....

    Sounds fantastic! Need that sound.
  18. Oggy-s3

    My S3 8P...Alps Time.....

    Completely off topic here. But whats making it chatter when you take your foot of the revs?
  19. Oggy-s3

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Lucky girl! What a presant! How does it compare to a vxr? I jumped up from a 1.2 fiesta. So It was quite a jump up!