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  1. Crom1

    Audi Performance Brake Pads - Anyone changed from OEM

    I go with RAF S7 EBC red stuff I have used them all through the winter with no problem they work great from cold and you get no dust or squeals
  2. Crom1

    New member saying 'hi'

    Welcome to the forum love mine too know what you mean with the parking
  3. Crom1

    Hello! New A4 Avant on the way...

    Hi v1rotate welcome to the forum the registrations change March 1st and Sept 1st
  4. Crom1

    aitp9 August 13th 2017 Deene Park, Corby, Northamptonshire (Discussion Thread)

    Hello Sandra Do we need a sticker to let the marshal 's know or do we ask them to direct us to the stand, do you know what time the gates open on Sunday Thanks
  5. Crom1

    Attendee list Aitp9 13th August 2017 Dene Park, Corby, Northamptonshire

    1. Administrators 2. Jg51 Audi - John + Ryan 3. Macdoon -Mac 4. Mark A5 -Mark 5. Chris Wheatcroft 6. MattSedg 7. Smokeymike 8. TonyH38 9. RAF_S7 10. DJAlix 11.Audispy 12. Mark_86 -Mark 13.drewz2514 14. Tyler Davies 15. Rob2k68 16. 15Degrees and the race car 17. S3Jackson 18. BibbsOnTour - Ben...
  6. Crom1

    Midlands ASN Member List

    Crom1 -A7-Neal-Loughborough
  7. Crom1

    Post your A7/S7 and RS7 pics here

    Thank you RAF-_ A7 Yes just fitted a CRTD4 twin channel tuning box by TDI tuning 3 day's ago just going through the set up stages increasing the number daily until the desired number seems more responsive not gone far yet just back and forth to work so will be testing this weekend
  8. Crom1

    Post your A7/S7 and RS7 pics here

    My A7 and lovin it
  9. Crom1

    Hello Everyone

    Thank you Sandra / lord_lorin Love the forum Previous cars Audi 20 v 5 cylinder coupe petrol :redrs4: Audi A6 2.5 TDI 1978/9 model clocked up 330,000 miles in this baby, only problems I had with it was the turbo reconditioned and the fuel pump replaced and the usual tyres /discs and pads...
  10. Crom1

    Hello Everyone

    Hello to everyone, on my fifth Audi so I thought it was about time I joined I picked up my latest one Christmas eve 2016 so it was happy Christmas to me will post more pics soon