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  1. MarkpS3

    S1 Original Tyres

    Hi all, Returning to this forum after some years away. Previously had an S3 8P but sold it a while back. I'm now looking for a new little hot hatch and have just signed the agreement for an approved used Audi S1 (15 plate). The little car looks awesome. Unfortunately, given the times, I'm...
  2. MarkpS3

    Car not starting!

    Pretty sure you can't just swap the throttle body like that. It needs a 'throttle body alignment' (electronically, using computer). Any decent Indy garage should be able to sort that for you!
  3. MarkpS3

    small clicking noise

    Exhaust flap valve, me thinks. Take a look here:
  4. MarkpS3

    S3 Ignition Coil Packs

    Car in question is S3 8P, 2007 plate. Had a misfire the other day with associated amber ECU light on dash, light flashed for a while initially before becoming solid. Issue was diagnosed as No.4 Coil pack. Replaced this and car idles ok now and runs.....however, ECU light remains on permanently...
  5. MarkpS3

    How To - S3 8P Timing Chain

    Thanks mate. For re-tightening the cam adjuster, torque to 20Nm and finish with an angle tightening of 45 degrees. Any dealer will be able to help you identifying part numbers but, if you want to avoid dealer prices for the little bits, have to contact a member with access to ETKA (parts...
  6. MarkpS3

    2l Tfsi intake camshaft change

    Guide for chain & tensioner but had to lift cam cradle in process so intake cam was out. Hope it helps....
  7. MarkpS3

    S3 Cam follower

    Isn't a scheduled service item but chain prone to stretching over time and some tensioners have failed. Will likely be a bit noisy before hand, though....
  8. MarkpS3

    daft question

    It will likely be more prominent, as you say, when the engine is warm (chain will expand slightly, thinner oil etc), so just keep an ear out. If you get the time, take it down to your local indy garage and get them to put a stethoscope (or a well trained ear) around the engine bay. My gut would...
  9. MarkpS3

    daft question

    It depends how convinced you are that it's definitely coming from the left. There's a lot going on and noises can easily be transferred. Was it making the noise before the timing belt was done? Or did you not own it then...
  10. MarkpS3

    daft question

    Nah, it's on the right when viewed from the front.
  11. MarkpS3

    MOT Advisories.

    Haha, brilliant!
  12. MarkpS3

    [Oct 18, 2015] Birmingham Audi (Solihull) Dealership Meet (Part of the Lister... (Birmingham)

    Don't know my work schedule for the 18th yet, but assuming I'm off, count me in!
  13. MarkpS3

    Midlands ASN Member List

    103. MarkpS3 - S3 8P - Mark - Rugby
  14. MarkpS3

    Just joined the gang

    Welcome mate! Enjoy the ride...
  15. MarkpS3

    Time has come for my S3 build thread!

    Ouch! What a pain in the ****, literally. Glad it's all sorted for you now mate. Car looks great.
  16. MarkpS3

    My car horn suddenly stopped working.

    35 seconds?! Someone must have really p****d you off.....
  17. MarkpS3

    Difference between TSI and TFSi

    Both operate on the same principal, TSI is just the name given to the later, 'improved' version of the (T)FSI engine. Quite a bit of info here:
  18. MarkpS3

    Limp Mode? Help

    If you only bought it last night....take it back! Irrespective of whether you got it from a dealer/private, unless they made you aware of that fault prior to was sold to you unfit for purpose.
  19. MarkpS3

    Piston ring

    Although, I believe some engines were prone to excessive oil consumption......possibly down to failure of piston rings. So yeah, perhaps....
  20. MarkpS3

    Piston ring

    Haven't heard of it as being a common issue with TFSI engines...... Lack of compression on that particular cylinder - compression test.