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  1. davestokes

    Bluefin stage 1

    I had this exact problem, they sent me a new file and it sorted it
  2. davestokes

    New wheels fitted today

    I think its 8T0601170A7ZJ
  3. davestokes

    Performance panel filter

    I put a Pipercross panel into my 3.2 and it messed up my MAF. Cleaned the MAF, put back the paper one, and it's been fine since. I didn't notice any performance or sound difference anyway
  4. davestokes

    Audi badge on bonnet rather than grille. Thoughts?

    The red one looks horrendous. Yellow one not much better (but better if I had to pick one). Cut your losses and do it again properly.
  5. davestokes

    S3 alluminium pedals to an A3?

    I bought the accelerator from these guys, would recommend them: And my brake pedal came off a Mk6 Golf
  6. davestokes

    2004 A3 3.2 - which rear brakes do I have?

    You're absolutely right. With the help of a torch and a mirror I found there is VW AG TRW stamped on the caliper. Thanks very much
  7. davestokes

    2004 A3 3.2 - which rear brakes do I have?

    Thanks for the reply but I'm not sure you read the question. I'm only after brake pads, but I'm told that the part I need will depend on the type of caliper/rotor I have.
  8. davestokes

    2004 A3 3.2 - which rear brakes do I have?

    I am looking at some ceramic rear brake pads as I'm getting tired of cleaning my wheels all the time. Apparently the 3.2 could either have Lucas or TRW rear brakes and this will affect which pads I need. Is there any way to tell without removing the wheel?
  9. davestokes

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Thanks mate! Eibach kit is the 35mm kit but as the 3.2 is already a bit lower the drop was about 15-20mm. Wasn't sure I'd gone low enough at first but I am very happy with it now. The Bimotos are actually Titanium finish but I've Plasti-dipped them in Metallic Aluminium which makes for a much...
  10. davestokes

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    G'day from New Zealand Here's my 2004 3.2 in Akoya Silver, only 47000km (29000 miles) with Bilstein/Eibach B12 Pro kit, MTM Bimoto 18s and a few other bits and pieces.
  11. davestokes

    Head unit quiet speakers

    The CT53-AU02 is for the Bose system. Using the fader is not the solution. You need this: The problem is common. I spent a lot of time and money and went through two other harnesses...
  12. davestokes

    Bilstein B12 suspension kit (TDi quattro) short review

    Good review. I had the same kit fitted a couple of weeks ago and I would agree with everything you've said. It's not super low but its a good trade off between low(er) and practical. Having said that when I see pics of cars with the Sportlines there is a part of me that wouldn't mind another 10mm
  13. davestokes

    trying a new look

    Not my cuppa
  14. davestokes

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    WANTED: S-Line rear spoiler for A3 8P1 3-door, part number 8P3860943. Akoya Silver would be great but any colour really. Please PM
  15. davestokes

    A3 3.2 8P1

    Great write up mate. Thanks for all the info. Does look like a lot of work but I really like the outcome. When/if I decide to do it myself, I'll drop you a line to make sure I'm buying the right RS4 replica.
  16. davestokes

    A3 3.2 8P1

    Holy moly. This is turning into a pretty good DIY thread
  17. davestokes

    A3 3.2 8P1

    Is this the kind of replica you mean?:
  18. davestokes

    A3 3.2 8P1

    Wow, it does sound elaborate. But I really like the look and I do enjoy a good project. If you could post up some more pics that would be great!
  19. davestokes

    A3 3.2 8P1

    Hey Joe, nice job, do you mind telling how you got that grill looking the way you did?
  20. davestokes

    Alloy Photoshop Request

    Haha, for the love of god, keep the OEM ones!