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    Post pics of your Q2,Q3, Q5 & Q7 in here.

    Hi, Just joined the forum. A pic of my Q7 4M in the cleaning phase! Have done a few mods over the years of ownership. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Q7 Do all q7 (4M) have Reverse Camera, Auto Park and electric folding Mirror as standard?

    If the camera is installed above the number plate then should flash up. As long it is wired and coded correctly. As above, these things are not standard spec.
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    Q8 missing Parking Assist with Parking aid plus, can it be retrofitted?

    You should have parking sensors around the side of your bumper like this.
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    Audi Universal Traffic Recorder (UTR)

    Hi mxnrg, please help me, I need them two files, but I can’t seem to send you any PM’s.
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    Audi Universal Traffic Recorder (UTR)

    Hi, I’m pulling my hair out with this Audi UTR. I have tried all the resets to no avail. Please can you send me the two files I need to put on the sd card and hopefully I can get my UTR back. PM SENT.