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    I have these all round on the girlfriends A4 Sline. Not driven at great length, but so far - they have impressed me.
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    excessive oil consumtion? Or is it?

    Guys, what is the recommended oil we should be putting into the engine (2.0 TFSI)?
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    Engine Mount Locations - 2.0TDi Quattro

    Where can I download it from? :uhm: Im in the trade, but 'not on floor' so to speak - so getting meaningful stuff like that is hassle at times. Its a 2.0 TDi 140 Quattro. Im hoping the knock/virbration is a dodgy mount, and with the A3's reputation of poor mounts it is a likely cause.
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    Engine Mount Locations - 2.0TDi Quattro

    All, The girlfriends car has developed a slight vibration under certain loads, and as the DMF has been ruled out as the cause I want to check the condition of the engine and gearbox mounts as I am led to believe these are a weak point on the 8P? Can anyone provide an exploded diagram or...
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    Facelifted A3 - Handbrake Failure

    Do you have a front centre armrest?? Its an obstruction 10% of the time, and this can restrict the 'pull' on the handbrake, thus not properly applying it.
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    Bilberry Wheel cleaner

    Im yet to try Bilberry, although I am using Espuma Revolution and it has fantastic results. Highly recommended, and the dilution ration is 1:8 iirc
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    Delivery Day Dilemma

    The plate will account for circa 1.5% - 3% at resale. Not masses of money, but money nonetheless. If it were me? I would be waiting and having it registered September 1st. Remember, the plate dates the car. It maybe as new as the one with an 09 plate, but wearing a 58 detracts somewhat. Wait.
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    Seen an A3 quattro S-Line for sale - too good to be true?

    Sounds like the DMS is on its way out to me.
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    Heavy Vibration at 2.2 Thousand Revs

    all positive feedback fellas. Im hoping to get down to my local audi dealer tomorrow for an adhoc diagnosis
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    Heavy Vibration at 2.2 Thousand Revs

    After some more digging around and speaking with some industry people, I am starting to think my judder is down to the dual mass flywheel failing. Diagnosis isnt confirmed as yet, although symptons all point to a common fault. I work in the fleet industry, and have exposure to 100's of...
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    Heavy Vibration at 2.2 Thousand Revs

    But my car is standard and the symptons are the same for me??! Which means your theory is flawed.
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    Heavy Vibration at 2.2 Thousand Revs

    Mine does it ever so slightly at the same revs. 2006 A3 2.0 TDi Quattro...& standard. Seems like you can accelerate through the vibration. Im thinking an engine mount tbh, but not had a real chance to poke about as yet.
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    Got a new Golf Mk6, disappointing..

    harsh assesment imo. The mk6 Golf is evolutionary (as always) but its still come a long way in terms of refinement, build quality and materials imo. Funny thing is, the mk6 appears to be commanding a premium (used values) over the A3 and 1 series - madness.
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    I hate my boss

    One of the directors here has recently taken delivery of his new A5 2.0 TDi 170ps Manual S-Line. Black on black, 20" RS4 Style wheels, MMI + most of the options. Very nice car, but rides like a bitch on the wheels.
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    Which A5?

    Nice purchase, although I would have chosen the auto box over a manual, especially with the 3.0 TDi engine. Not only for driving pleasure (imo), but for resale too. I have had a 3.0 TDi SE and it is without doubt one of the best cars I have driven in a long time. A colleague has a new 2.0 TDi...
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    Alloy Refurb on South Coast

    The wheel specialist in Fareham, hampshire gets fantastic reviews locally. We use them for all our wheel repairs (contract hire company)
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    Bye Bye S3!

    One of the best cars in the market today imo.
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    S-Line 2 Piece 18" Wheels

    Just done that this lunchtime. It appears that the air is escaping from various places; - where the dish meets the centre piece - From the bolt holes I have been onto Audi customer services who are looking into the issue and checking to see if it is a wear and tear item, or if it is covered...
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    S-Line 2 Piece 18" Wheels

    Will do. The only beauty of this whole episode (price aside) is that if the rim is cracked, you dont have to replace the whole wheel. Joy.:faint:
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    S-Line 2 Piece 18" Wheels

    Thanks. Picture of wheel (example pic - not actual car)