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    Insurance... HELP

    Insurance is a wierd one im getting quoted in excess of £1500 for a 330d f30 whereas a golf R is £750 at 24. How does that work out????
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    2.0 TDI Poor MPG?

    My f30 330d is giving me 40/45 miles to a tenner in this cold weather whereas my old vectra 1.9 cdti and a3 2.0 tdi pd used to give me 55/60 in the same conditions.
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    Good mapper around South Yorkshire area to map my new turbo?

    Try SLT remapping in Sheffield they do custom maps heard very good reviews from people about them.
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    Audi con, s3 pistons same but rods changed they are having me by the sacks

    Get a 335d/535d and remap it and your laughing all the way 40+mpg and 350+bhp
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    How much did you get the unit for if you don't me asking and where from ? cheers
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    So the existing subwoofer in the boot works with the unit?
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    Does your system work with the stock sub in the boot plus the rear speakers as I know it can be fiddly due to the rears being amplified?
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    Low volume output from ipod dock

    Hello peeps Just got round to getting a cable for my iphone 5s to connect to the ipod dock. The head unit I have is a bose system symphony 2 with the built in 6cd changer and tape. Now whenever I play a song through the dock the volume seems really low and the bass is really weak seems as if...
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    Aux is poor quality. why?

    Do you have vcds palooza?
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    iPod dock extension for use with iPhone

    It just says no cd in ext cd drive
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    iPod dock extension for use with iPhone

    It's the audi symphony with the in built 6 cd changer and tape player.
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    iPod dock extension for use with iPhone

    Just received everything including the extension cable and the official lightening adapter plugged it all in and nothing comes up click on cd twice but no sound?
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    Got my A3 8P A 170 DSG

    How much were the rear lights and did you have to code them in?
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    A3 8P 2007 - Witson W2-A7012 Android 4.2 - Head Unit Install Success

    Does your factory sub work in the boot with this unit?
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    iPod dock extension for use with iPhone

    I've got the audi symphony stereo Adam. Am I right in thinking I click on cd twice to activate the iPod Dock thingy? Cheers
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    iPod dock extension for use with iPhone

    Thanks for the link Adam. Just before I purchase the cable using this setup am I right in thinking you can play music through apps on your iPhone 5 such as soundcloud and spotify?
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    My Audi S3 build

    What lead did you use to extend the ipod dock in the glovebox. Ive got a similar dock in mine but don't know how to make any use of it? Should it work with an iphone 5s?
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    help fitting a aux please

    I have the old symphony with the built in 6cd changer and tape player what do I need to add the aux functionality?
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    Audi a3 aux options?

    Hello peeps I have an audi a3 with the symphony head unit which consists of the tape player and 6cd changer. There also seems to be ipod dock in the glove box but im not sure how to use that. Whats the easiest and cheapest way to add an aux to the existing system? Also whenever I play any...