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  1. J

    Terrible radio reception

    Mine always had decent reception. If everything is standard, something's not working properly.
  2. J

    stereo issues

    Dunno about phyisical fit, but the 2006ish on radios have different connectors - not the end of the world, but you'd need an adapter. They seem to have changed the aerial setups a few times over the years too.
  3. J

    The taboo question..!

    Standard 16's are 6J 50mm offset per handbook of my A3
  4. J

    Has anyone noticed how cheap fuel is now???

    It was still priced by the gallon when I started driving :)
  5. J

    I need a flexi pipe, but a bit unsure on which?

    The flexi in ours is on the horizontal part of the pipe, not the downpipe. With that said, I'd get the garage to supply and fit so there's no arguing :-)
  6. J

    A3 1.6 FSI Petrol 2006 - dual or solid mass flywheel?

    Mine was £430 inc vat and fitting
  7. J

    A3 1.6 FSI Petrol 2006 - dual or solid mass flywheel?

    Sounds similar to when my clutch was going.
  8. J

    Place bets on my latest fault

    Well, my wallet's now a mere £600 lighter - both Cats needed doing.
  9. J

    A3 1.6 FSI Petrol 2006 - dual or solid mass flywheel?

    Solid, not DMF As I posted here and here
  10. J

    Place bets on my latest fault

    Had to get the RAC again to my car at the weekend. It's started doing the thing where it has no power at all under load again - it'll run fine (ish) on the flat but it stuggles to do 30 mph up hills. The symptoms are identical to before I replaced the coil packs about 3 months ago - except...
  11. J

    Leak from rear passengers side suspension?

    IIRC the level sensor can stay still while you unscrew the cap to remove it. It may make it easier to disconnect the sensor wire, but I don't think it's essential. If a lot of fluid leaks out (mine did) you will get a dashboard warning. My brakes didn't fail - and keep in mind that you won't...
  12. J

    Leak from rear passengers side suspension?

    You need to get that looked at by someone with a bit of knowledge asap. It could be shock oil, but it looks very much like when I had a brake fluid leak, which is obviously serious.
  13. J

    Shakingat 60+mph

    Have had this with a mishapen tyre. Jack the car up just enough to spin wheel and place a (straight) piece of wood near tyre - then spin the wheel. If tyre "catches" then there's a raised bit .....
  14. J

    Hi - Newbie - Rattling Problem

    The brake pad wear sensor wiring is starting to sound likely. The wiring is on the left (nearside) only. Maybe someone's left something loose?
  15. J

    Hi - Newbie - Rattling Problem

    1. Good news, 1.6 FSI doesn't have a DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel) - My new clutch was £430 fitted. 2. Bad News. Rattle could be the clutch - mine rattled, but actually only at idle with clutch depressed, or the gearbox. 3. Good news it might be something cheap - very hard to tell without hearing it.
  16. J

    Softening A3 Sport Models Ride

    Don't have an answer but I feel your pain. I love the seats in my sport, but the ride is awful. I was considering getting springs/shocks from an SE - but there don't seem to be many 1.6 FSI SE's getting broken (or lowered) and it would be expensive for something I can't be sure is going to...
  17. J

    Snapped Glovebox Hinge :(

    Is it the time of year? My left glovebox hinge snapped a couple of weeks ago.
  18. J

    Airbag Light On After Speaker Cable Repair

    IIRC if you took the glovebox out (disconnected it), it needs a reset as it detects a fault in the airbag switch circuit - it doesn't automatically clear when reconnected so needs a VCDS reset.
  19. J


    IMHO it will always be cheaper to buy a car with this stuff fitted, but regardless, there is no sensible way to upgrade to climate control from the basic heater/aircon unit.
  20. J

    Xenon Light Colour

    Sounds like two different bulbs - different Kelvin values.