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  1. jemichae

    S3 8v exhaust pipe cleaner

    This is the go to product for exhaust tip cleaning in Oz by most... unsure if available globally.
  2. jemichae

    Boot Organiser

    The cargo net sits there all folded up when unused.
  3. jemichae

    Boot Organiser

    I throw these in as required... work great...
  4. jemichae

    VCDS issues

    For the acoustic lock, did you also enable the menu item in the MMI? As you have to do that, and then use the MMI to turn it on. Acoustic Lock Menu in MMI ================= Full: SELECT: Control Module 09 - Central Electronics SELECT: Security Access - 16 ENTER CODE: 31347 SELECT: Adaption -...
  5. jemichae

    Facelift VC questions..

    1... It's there... (but no help to you as jot near car to show you how). 2. Not possible on VC. The plus sign means there's a menu, use the jog dial and push to the left to bring up that menu. Audi confirmed firmware bug for why reversing cam is not full screen on MMI with ghosted car sensor...
  6. jemichae

    Audi messed up

    This has been reported a lot... people's build specs being reported as black edition incorrectly. I don't think any of them have shown up black. Have a search, should put your mind at rest.
  7. jemichae

    How to: Blank Dash Button mod for garage remote control

    Wow... nice mod. Lots of effort. I was looking at this kinda thing, but ended up buying a GoGoGate and telling android auto to 'Open Garage Door' etc (via IFTTT).
  8. jemichae

    Facelift Daytona Grey and other info

    Stock on the S3 in Oz, but I think they are an option on other places. Would have to be after market options for sure.
  9. jemichae

    Facelift Daytona Grey and other info

    Some normal pics of my Daytona....
  10. jemichae

    Facelift Should the Audi rings puddle lights have come with the S3?

    Grab the brochure which specs them as standard.
  11. jemichae

    Facelift Paddle shift extensions?

    (A4 paddles fit the slight change in shape that the S3 MY17 has, when compared to S3 MY16)
  12. jemichae

    Facelift Paddle shift extensions?

    Yes, that is my S3 facelift in the pic.... The buyer I used doesn't sell them anymore. They are the same, I think, as the ebay link earlier in the thread.
  13. jemichae

    Facelift Paddle shift extensions?

    I bought the A4 ones previously linked. Wasn't. much around at the time, so still keeping my eye out for another set.
  14. jemichae

    8V VCDS Mods

    Not as far as as I'm aware. Still waiting for MY18's to hit Oz shores to see if enabled by default, as per some Audi sales guidance.
  15. jemichae

    Facelift RHD cars and start/stop engine button

    Maybe it's another quirk of being identified as a 'hot country' by Audi, and getting slightly less kW too.
  16. jemichae

    Facelift RHD cars and start/stop engine button

    Yup... they don't even swap that over for us. Hence why most map the steering wheel button to drive select... bit of a reach.
  17. jemichae

    Facelift RHD cars and start/stop engine button

    I'm in Oz, and did a left hand drive conversion so that I could press the button. .. ok.. I didn't. Yes it is weird, but not a big deal. Same with drive select being the furthest away.. although it can be moved. Start/Stop is pretty easy to press.
  18. jemichae

    Facelift Sensor on back of rear view mirror?

    Yes, sensor for matrix lights. I did the same, installed my dashcam over part of it. Worked it out very quickly when the beams weren't going off for light sources appearing in that side. Moved further over, and all good.
  19. jemichae

    Inside engine sound

    Delivered at 100%. (Controller: A9 Struct. Borne Sound Adaptations: Volume of Structure-borne noise actuator Set the value to 0% for off, up to 100%. On Save, if prompted, choose Default Values to activate controller)
  20. jemichae

    Inside engine sound

    VCDS change to reduce Soundaktor volume. Set mine off (0%), so much better for listening to the car.