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  1. mickv

    Milltek turbo-back Installed: 2015 S3 w/cat, w/o resonator, w/o valves, Oval tips

    Sounds nice except for the upchange farts - they sounds very, well, farty!
  2. mickv

    Saloon auto open Boot Lid

    Mine sometimes sticks too. I assumed it was just the seals clagging together a bit. The catch is releasing every time but the boot doesn't always open. Can't say it bothers me that much. If I could be bothered, a bit of grease on the seals would probably solve it.
  3. mickv

    Used S-Tronic Saloon under £30k

    Marmite outside and in, so deserves to be cheap.
  4. mickv

    S3 traction issues

    I've noticed this quite a bit, when the road is wet or greasy. Doesn't bother me, as it's only a transient thing, but I never noticed it in my old B7 RS4 with "proper" Quattro. Traction in that always seemed as close to unbreakable as made no difference. Good to hear the technical explanation...
  5. mickv

    Winter Tyres On The S3, Worth It?

    Was that for 18s? I checked the price for 19s and they were about £850 a set, which I thought was OTT, even though I was really keen to try them.
  6. mickv

    Winter Tyres On The S3, Worth It?

    No. not sure what size the standard wheel are but the 19" I have were a paid for option. It's easier to get a new set of wheels as you say, so less hassle to change - just make sure you buy the right size!
  7. mickv

    Winter Tyres On The S3, Worth It?

    Just had a set of Vredestein Wintrac Extreme S fitted in 235/35/19. I'll report back in a week or two once I know how they go in the grease and wet.
  8. mickv

    First experience in 10cm of snow

    Just today had a set of Vredestein Wintrac Extreme S fitted (235/35/19s). Will report back once I've had chance to try them out in nasty conditions.
  9. mickv

    Performance Exhausts

    Possibly a bit OTT with that estimate - Akra systems for the Nissan GTR are around 5k, can't see them pricing s3 option at that level. Still, cant see it being less than 4k, and 10% of car's value on an exhaust is getting silly.
  10. mickv

    S3 Recall For Coolant Pipework

    Checked level and it's approaching min - I'd say about 75% down the band between max and min. That's in 1400 miles.
  11. mickv

    S3 Recall For Coolant Pipework

    I collected mine May 2014 - not sure when it was built, but assume not long before that. Interesting that the earlier thread concentrated on the pump but the recall states coolant pipework. Haven't checked the level yet but will do so.
  12. mickv

    S3 Recall For Coolant Pipework

    Just had notification of a recall to check coolant pipe on my s3 saloon. Anyone else had this? Apparently it's not urgent, but they sent a reminder one week after the first notification, so I've booked in for the end of the month.
  13. mickv

    MTM M-Cantronic for my new 2014 S3 Sport back

    Sorry lucas, didn't quite catch that. Could you repeat it please?:)
  14. mickv

    Winter Tyres On The S3, Worth It?

    Craig - you might not have had a problem but you probably drive better in bad conditions than most of us southern softies. Experience counts. However, until you try winters you aren't in a position to compare. In snow they are much better and instead of pussy footing around you can drive at a...
  15. mickv

    My stupidness

    I keep telling myself there's no point either, so why do I keep reaching for one? Because my last car had one and you get used to it. I think it should be there - bit of a let down not having one. But at least I have a saloon so my middle button has some worth......
  16. mickv

    Winter Tyres On The S3, Worth It?

    No experience, as only had my s3 since May, but on my previous car (Nissan GTR) I found winter tyres far far better/safer than the standard runflats. I don't see why the smae should not apply to the s3. Also, on the basis that you can only one set of tyres at a time, cost isn't really a...
  17. mickv

    New Car Detailing

    You're not a proper detailing freak until your detailing gear is worth more than your car.....:blink:
  18. mickv

    mono.pur Interior Finish

    Another pic here from "post pics of your A3 thread. I've got it in mine and I think it finishes off the interior properly - for the price it's a no brainer.
  19. mickv

    Milltek for S3?

    Maybe it's the fact that Milltek sold a bundle of systems for the Nissan GTR over the last few years and think they can get away with the higher pricing all round now. Seems odd to expect that strategy to stick though. Lots more price competition in the £30-40k s3 market than in the 70k+ GTR...
  20. mickv

    Car washing tips

    Don't think anyone's mentioned prewashing with snowfoam. Need a foam lance for your pressure washer but well worth the investment. Pressure washing to remove heavy dirt just blasts grit into your paintwork. Snowfoam lifts it gently, making it come away much more easily. I save the high pressure...