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  1. Bluemerlin

    Are there many A6 owners on here???

    Just got my second A6. Mettalic Green 2.7T Manual
  2. Bluemerlin

    Attendee list Audi Driver International-Castle Combe, Wiltshire 16th September 2017

    1. Administrators 2. Autometrix 3. Mark A5 - Mark 4. MikeSel - Mike Hudson 5. Grahamh84 6. 24styles 7. Lavis89 8.mattyboyc 9.Audispy 10. AudiNutta 11.Rhys1210 12. t8ups - ( Em tuning) 13. Lynton Jones 14. DJ Alix 15. THQuattro (provisional) 16. Bluemerlin (If car is fixed) 17. 18. 19. 2o.
  3. Bluemerlin

    Audi Driver International 16th September 2017 (Discussion Thread)

    Think I'll attend this one if I get the car fixed in time. Nearly finished a clutch change and I'm 15 mins away. A6 2.7T Manual
  4. Bluemerlin

    2.7t boost leak

    Just got my second a6 2.7t and it's driving like it has a boost leak. I've put the boost tester on it, and the leak sounds like its coming from under the intake manifold here. Before I take it to pieces I'd like to have the new part ready, so looking for guidance on what it could be. When...
  5. Bluemerlin

    The ASN Clubstand Attendees List ***no discussions***

    JoJo - Joe -S3 8L - Black Reesy - Chris - A3 8L - Blue ScottB5 - Scott - A4 B5 - Red <tuffty/> - Paul - S3 8L - Silver Jay A3 - Jay - A3 8L - White Aragorn - Kev - A4 B5 - Mystery lucky dip Cribbon - Just Plain Old - Stoke_Audi - FranA3 - Fran - A3 8P - Red Nez - - S4 B5 - Red CMD - Colin - A4...
  6. Bluemerlin

    Throttle body boot

    Hi Guys, I'm bored of replacing the TBB on my 2.7T. I've looked at the APR Bi pipe but all sites say it doesn't fit the allroad. Can anyone explain why? I've looked for the samco tbb but it seems expensive. I've spotted this : Audi S4 Biturbo Silicone Turbo Boost Hose kit Silicon | eBay...
  7. Bluemerlin

    Used Allroad Opinions

    An Allroad is like an Alfa Romeo. As an Allroad owner I love mine to pieces it's perfect for me and does everything I need, and more. But I would never tell my friend to buy one. Too many expensive things that can go wrong. Unless you really want to dabble a bit in offroad. Buy an A6 estate.
  8. Bluemerlin

    Track rod Ends Good Deal or Not

    Went to get my sterring alligned and found the track rod ends were seized. Do you think these are worth getting Ebay Track Rod Ends Or should I go to gsf/euro car parts etc?
  9. Bluemerlin

    Aftermarket stereo

    I know about rca's and subs etc,I used to fit stereo's for a living. All i need to know is if my car has a separate amp already from the factory.
  10. Bluemerlin

    Aftermarket stereo

    One has rca's, one doesn't. so if my setup has a separate amp, I think I will need the first but I'm not sure how to check if I do.
  11. Bluemerlin

    Aftermarket stereo

    Thanks for your help. The problem is there are two possible harnesses listed. This is why I asked the question
  12. Bluemerlin

    Audi Driver's International - 9th October 2010 - ***Official Thread***

    One more mud run and ill be done :)
  13. Bluemerlin

    Aftermarket stereo

    I want to put my alpine stereo into the allroad and not sure what autoleads harness adapter I need. It's a symphony 2 with no bose signs on the speakers, but im sure there is a speaker in the panel in the boot I see they do an adapter that has the RCA connection, would this go to the rear...
  14. Bluemerlin

    Audi Driver's International - 9th October 2010 - ***Official Thread***

    Just a quick note to say if anyone is going on the track and they want me to take photo's. Come and find me let me know your REG Number, username and Tracktime and I'll be able to link you up with your photo's after the event. Not charging for this :) However that does mean I will be having...
  15. Bluemerlin

    Audi Driver's International - 9th October 2010 - ***Official Thread***

    I know it's an A6 at heart. People do ask why I didn't just buy an A6. I've started prepping it for the weekend now. What do you think. Love greenlaning at lunchtime. :) Youtube Evidence.
  16. Bluemerlin

    Audi Driver's International - 9th October 2010 - ***Official Thread***

    I will bring the mini laptop along. Look for the lonely allroad. I'm going to intentionally make mine as muddy as possible.
  17. Bluemerlin

    Liverpool fan?

    Liverpool fan here, really can't believe what's going on. Going into administration looks possible, so maybe a points deduction is on the cards too.
  18. Bluemerlin

    Audi Driver's International - 9th October 2010 - ***Official Thread***

    Cool, I drive past on the way to meet you all at the pub. :)
  19. Bluemerlin

    Audi Driver's International - 9th October 2010 - ***Official Thread***

    Merlin Motorsport shop front entrance is accesible from the competitors entrance as it's in the main paddock, so it may be the stand is in the main paddock. If its behind merlin it will be camp. See here Circuit map