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    300.000km RS3 (2015) , what to do?

    hello, In 2015 I bought one of the earlier series of the 8V RS3 and since then I ve driven 300.000km, well 302.103 today. the engine is stock and 0 problems , battery is still the original. well, my question is, as I want to keep the RS3 it for years but with other purposes in mind, and...
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    Sportback Bilstein B16s

    far better ride with B16s than stock or magride. I had it on my first RS3 8v and installed them on the other RS3. for me stock B16 at 9 and 9 were too soft so I went to a bilstein installer and asked for a harder B16 cores. they did it and I am so pleased now! Now I am at 4 front 5 back and...
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    Buying used RS3 with high mileage?

    45k is high mileage? my 01/2016 with 122.000km/76.000mi has done highway mileage. Want to keep it till 2021. we will se how many miles will it reach and if everything goes ok.
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    Sportback RS3 driving position

    yes, they are. had 1 S3 and 2 RS3. driving position is not the best in the segment.
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    (PREFL) Revo stage 1/2+ vs APR, MRC

    I would like that MRC had the option like bootmod3 or MHD or VF1 (BMW) to tune and send the software with an iOS or Android app. My RS3 now has 161.000km 8v and did not tune it but I have driven 2 APR RS3 stage1 and Stage 2 cars. For me they have too much torque, I would like a more...
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    Vmax200 with an RS3

    In my stock RS3 PFL bought without the 250km/h I have achieved 288km/h.
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    Rumours about software update removing pops and bangs from exhaust ?

    I don't know if the software is there but our 2 RS3 had their catalyst changed. 1 with 63000km and the other one with 51000km. also lambda sensor was changed as I had engine error. regards
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    Sportback Gearbox oil change

    I change the oil each 15000km and Haldex- DSG each 30000km no difference noticeable. regards
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    RS3 brake problem , please help !!

    74.000km in my RS3 8V and I've had 3 sets of OEM discs, 3 different references and all af them had the squeal and vibration problem. last reference is the same as FL cars brakes have. regards
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    RS3 Saloon Vbox Figures (0-60/100mph)

    what tyres does your RS3 have?
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    Saloon Panoramic glass sunroof weight

    Reduction weight is important , but for me, most important is: the less movable parts in a car, the best in case of accident. One friend had an accident with his A3 8V while pano roof was open. he had a frontal shock and pano roof suffered, left guide broke and pano roof moved totally 90º to...
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    RS3 brake problem , please help !!

    Were are you from? best think is to contact AUDI directly. in my brothers RS3 8V 2015 plate he is on 3rd set of disc and pads :) all of them from AUDI after arguing a lot. in my RS3 8V 2016 I amb in my 2nd set. regardss
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    Facelift RS3 Genuine Secondary Cat Bypass Pipes

    changing the pipes is so d0n't need any know-how. the most important is to jack the car and place it well.
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    RS3 8V France

    stock engine? how much was the stock run?
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    Facelift running in fl rs3

    My opinion is based on my experience obviously. I always drive hard as many here and also from day one. My brother has another RS3 8v and he did the traditional way, 2000km driving like a grandpa. I ve been driving my RS3 8v it sportly/hard from day one. His RS3 in 10000km drinks 1L of 5w30...
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    19 wheel 8.5j ET 53 at the rear

    yes, they fit, very close, but they fit. I changed to Bilstein B16 and there is more space. I am running 4 8.5 rotor and 255. regards
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    Best intercooler for 8V?

    I will do the same as I am doing high mileage to my RS3 8V. Done 70.000km in more than one year. I travel a lot in hot countries and OEM IC is obviously too small for stock power. I dyno'd it in france and result was: 369hp and 496Nm. Will install Forge IC and dyno it again. regards
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    What's this? a Audi Golf RS-R3?

    My problems were: 1. in 2nd gear at near idle speed the car seemed to stall and revs were going up & down. 2. in 3-4-5 gear if I was cruising at 2000-2500rpm and then make a hard acceleration in Manual mode there was a hard clonk coming from the DSG. 3. harsh downshifts from 6->5->4->3 gears.
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    What's this? a Audi Golf RS-R3?

    wait wait wait... We have at home 2 RS3 8V PFL, 1 from 2015 and the other one from 2016. 2016 had the mechatronic changed due to harsh functioning... the new mechatronic didn't change the harsh changes so after 1 month complaining ,AUDI changed the complete DQ500. now everything is fine. So...
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    What's this? a Audi Golf RS-R3?

    how many miles in 18 months? I 've done 70.000km in 11 months and leather is still perfect. regards