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  1. quattro81

    Shell v power nitro?

    Just got an email through from shell, touting their new "vpower nitro plus" fuel which apparently will be in forecourts soon.. I've only ever used vpower since owning the RS and so was quite interested, particularly in the octane rating, which after some googling I can't seem to find any info...
  2. quattro81

    Rs3 cr@pped itself

    Ok.. I'll be brief. My RS has done 2000 miles, the other day with no warning it lost all power and rolled to a stop whilst poodling along warming her up. Turned her off, then back on. Ran for the rest of the day without missing a beat. Scanned with vcds when I got home - fuel pressure regulator...
  3. quattro81

    Worth the wait...

    So, after a long, long wait, my RS has finally arrived. You guys on here have kept me going with your pictures, write ups and discussions... But there's nothing like the real thing. Pictures just don't do justice. I went for misano with "those" wheels :laugh: I know they're very much a marmite...
  4. quattro81

    Audi rs3 crash! :(

    Found this article at We have said it before, quattro does not replace bad judgment when it comes to driving. Now with that out of the way we got these photos from , however unfortanatly for us we can’t translate – please feel free to let us know what...
  5. quattro81

    Audi Quattro GmbH tour

    As the title suggests, I have just got off the 'phone with the Audi factory at Neckarsulm, and have arranged myself a tour of their Quattro factory..... I am hoping that I can actually be there when my RS is on the production line, but That's gonna require some careful timing! Call me an anorak...
  6. quattro81

    How much is the rs3 worth?

    Out of sheer curiosity (boredom:lazy:) I just got a valuation for a fully spec'd rs3 with 1000 miles on it from The tight @$£%^&* would give..... wait for it £32,780 :lmfao: they truly are onto a winner!
  7. quattro81

    RS buckets body coloured backrest

    So.... At the moment I have spec'd buckets with exclusive quilted stitching.. I have seen a few pics of the buckets now, and there is one minor thing I don't like (everyone feel free to groan, I know I'm fussy!).. On the backrest of the seat, the centre part comes in piano finish, but the side...
  8. quattro81

    Uk RS3 blown engine!

    Oh oh! Sounding nasty.. Audi RS3 blown / damaged / destroyed engine 4900 miles - YouTube I'm a little nervous now, although he did say they were sorting it under warranty...:faint: Although it is kinda funny that it was cylinder 5.. The definition of irony
  9. quattro81

    RS 3 interior pics

    There's some nice pictures on here now of some very nice Rs3's, in a variety of colours! All looking very nice:wub: but we seem to have a distinct lack of any interior pictures at all :( Has anyone got any decent pictures of the inside (particularly with the buckets)? I know it's not massively...
  10. quattro81

    Launch colour

    Hey hey.... After much debating over colour.. (sepang and mica hot favourites) I decided on misano with the marmite wheels.. I've based this decision on reading a thread from a guy that bought his original rs2 in nogaro because that was the colour Audi fielded at the Geneva launch - similarly...
  11. quattro81

    My Audi A3 attacked by a roller-skate!!!

    So I got a jeep for the winter to save my Audi getting ruined, mainly because it's very rural where I live and extremely muddy! Got it home from Middlesex yesterday and parked it in front on my a3 :lmfao: I gotta take these wheels off!!! Shame of it is, the guy had the original wheels...
  12. quattro81

    Nigel Appreciation Society

    Well.. I was very happy with my 2011 A3.. But the interior always felt like it was missing something(s)...! I went for every extra option Audi offered.. Except for the tech pack.. I just felt it was too much money at the time. Now I've finally got around to sorting my moment of being a tightwad...
  13. quattro81

    Arnold schwarzebadger

    So..... Last night I gave my friend a lift home.. I pulled out onto the A2 dual carriageway near my house.. My car was still cold, so I was accelerating gently and doing about 55mph.... At this point what can only be described as "the badgernator" appeared in front of me! It was lying right in...
  14. quattro81

    Flash Count!?

    Ok, before I start, that says "flash count" not "flash c**t".. I am about to get a revo stage 1 map put on my 2011 A3 2.0tfsi Q.. I also was going to use my sps key I purchased for my TT so that I can change back to a standard map for when my mrs uses the car, and for when it goes in for...
  15. quattro81

    My mrs found a bargain project!?!!

    My beautiful better half just found this in auto trader... Imaginative vandalism, bit if that price is correct its a bargain!? 2008 AUDI A3 1.9 TDi Special Edition 3dr Hatchback Special
  16. quattro81

    Audi customer service opinions

    I've not been a member of this forum very long, but it seems like a lot of members have had poor treatment from the dealerships in terms of customer service.. I've owned several audis but up til this year never a new one. I've gotta say, the customer service they gave me was absolutely top...
  17. quattro81

    Electric folding mirrors...?

    Got the electric folding mirrors, and they seem to be working intermittently - some times i turn the switch round and they don't move! My mrs commented today that they don't work when you're going "fast" lol.. anyone else had any experience with this, or is it something I should be hassling the...
  18. quattro81

    Stage 1 Button!!

    OK.. So I have A3 2.0 TFSI. I would really like to have REVO stage 1 map (or equivalent)... I have previously had some experience with Revo on my S3 and TT, but with both had to use an SPS controller to change from the standard map to Stage 1/2/3 etc.. This involves mucking around turning the...