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    Oil preassure problems, 2007 Audi A4 B7 2.0 TFSI.

    Loads of similar threads on this.. sadly, it's a common issue.
  2. arch-stanton

    Oil pressure warning ! This thread explains things well.
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    2.0 Tfsi Oil Pressure Problem This is a common issue with the TFSI- get an oil pressure test done on the car asap.
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    2.0 TDi 140 PD - Rough idle and misfire...

    I've had this exact issue with mine- changed the thermostat last week and afterwards it was idling really rough, difficult to start- turned out to be a crankcase breather pipe split at the back of the block, I must have disturbed it removing the Tstat- if you've had work done on your car...
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    2.0T fsi oil pressure warning light

    Under 10psi on tick over and alarm bells should be ringing.. Here's a couple of threads which explain the...
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    2.0T fsi oil pressure warning light

    Get an oil pressure test done first, before thinking about dropping the sump.. I definitely wouldn't drive it.. There's lots of info on here to help you- hopefully as you say, there's not too much damage.
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    2.0T fsi oil pressure warning light

    Is it on the standard 10k service interval, or the Audi long life (20k)
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    diverter valve

    06H 145 710D Buy this one Rev D's got the upgraded spring .. if you buy the rubber diaphragm one, it'll only shred again..
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    looking to change the cam chain and tensioner.

    this thread has a parts list-
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    Brake pads light on

    Check near side sensor first.. it corrodes quicker from driving through standing water etc..
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    A/S4 B6 chassis, for sale / classifieds links B6/B7 Avant chrome roof rails
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    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread B7 chrome roof rails
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    New to B7 platform looking for buying advice

    You should definitely read these threads.. seems to affect the engines that have been poorly maintained or been on the Audi long service interval..if the car has not had the revised pick up pipe fitted, then tread very carefully...
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    Diverter Valve FAIL Images (2.0 TFSi Quattro)

    If you've not already sorted this.. part number O6H145710D which is the uprated spring version.. From under the car, it's on the offside, front of the engine.. 3 bolts to undo, one of the bolts is a bit tricky to get at, I used a angled socket from memory.. An hours job including a tea break...
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    Revo Remap problem

    Sounds like your car is a B6 to me? .. In any case, as has been said already, get it scanned for faults... but I would already be looking towards the diverter valve.. the extra boost from the re-map could have split the rubber diaphragm.. it's such a common problem..
  16. arch-stanton

    When did they update from diaphragm to Rev D valve?

    Took mine off my 05 plate Tfsi yesterday and this is what I found.. It was a rev B and as you can see, splits in the rubber all around it.. picked up a rev D from TPS (06H145710D) for £44, takes 20 mins to fit.. it's like a different car.. ! On an 07 plate like yours, I would definitely check...
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    Hi, I would like to upgrade the sidelights and main beam on my B7 A4 TFSI, can you advise me on...

    Hi, I would like to upgrade the sidelights and main beam on my B7 A4 TFSI, can you advise me on which ones I need and how much you charge? Cheers Steve.
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    What DRL headlights to go for?

    Hi all, Just moved over to the B7 section after previously owning a B5.. Am interested in a set of these lights, do the LED's replace the sidelights then?.. if so, you switch the sidelights/LED's on at the dash for them to work?
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    Broken glove box pully...thingy bob

    Great guide.. thanks! :thumbsup:
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    Do you support the strikes...?

    My source for the 5% figure came from the Office of National statistics May 2007; The effects of taxes and benefits on household incomes 2005-6 - table 3... so no, not the Guardian.. And as I said in my post, I didn't know the answer to why we are in this mess.. but it seems you do.. It's just...