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  1. david_phillips95

    Suzuka Grey Search

    Hi All, Its been around two years since i sold my Solar Orange S3 and Iv missed it ever since. I have decided it been long enough so im now looking for another S3 in Suzuka Grey preferably the facelifted model. Just thought i would create a thread to let you guys know Im searching for one and...
  2. david_phillips95

    Selling all my performance upgrades.

    See link: Thanks David
  3. david_phillips95

    S3 Going Back To Standard

    My S3 is going back to standard so all modifications are being removed and sold, see the link below for items on offer. Cheers Davie
  4. david_phillips95

    Glasgow Meet Sunday 9th May 1.00pm Xscape Car Park.

    Just a reminder incase anyone else is up for it this Sunday. Cheers Davie
  5. david_phillips95

    Kames Muirkirk 6th June, SVAG MegaMeet

    Information Taken From Here: Flyer now live for everyone We have confirmed Kames for Sunday 6th June 2010 If you are part of a club and want to have a stand, then please drop a Pm to any Crew Member Please help us promote the...
  6. david_phillips95

    Sunday 11th April 1/4 Mile At Crail

    Just a thread to see if anyone from here will be going. Its going to be my first time down the quarter so should be fun, really looking forward to it. Davie
  7. david_phillips95

    CAI Cool-Air Tube Heat Shield

    Came across this a few months ago and seemed like a good idea Keep your induction air cool with this unique lace up tube cover. The design of the cover allows it to fit from 2-1/2 inch to 3-1/2 inch air tubes up to 36 inches long. The lace on heat shield blocks over 98% of the radiant heat...
  8. david_phillips95

    BDM CAI -ITG Intake Lookalike??

    Came Across this on ebay, looks very similar to the ITG intake bar the pipercross filter. ebay link: Davie
  9. david_phillips95

    Some Videos Of My S3 8P

    Thought it was about time i uploaded some videos of the MV Sport DP mated with the OEM Catback. Also took a quick video of the Evoms CAI while i was at it. MV Sport DP MV Sport DP Moving Video...
  10. david_phillips95

    MV Sport S3 8P Downpipe

    Got my MV Sport DP through today, super fast delivery and very well packaged. Took me ages to get it unwrapped it was so well packed. Very impressed with the DP in the flesh, cant wait to get it fitted :) I came across this system and was immediately interested as it can be mated with your OEM...
  11. david_phillips95

    S3 8P Video Of Clutch & DMF Removed From My S3

    My car had covered a grand total of 19k miles when this gear was removed, the clutch started slipping a few months after stage one remap. If your clutch is slipping your DMF will most likely be flapping around as much as mine is in this video lol Cheers Davie
  12. david_phillips95

    Glasgow Meet Feeler

    Just a quick thread to see if anyone is interested in a meet around April/May in the Glasgow Area. I have been to a few meets before at Xscape Breahead. Would be good to put some names to faces etc Let me know who's all interested. Cheers Davie
  13. david_phillips95

    Audi Extended Warranty

    Recieved a letter through the other day from Audi offering me the chance to take out extended warranty. Just wondering if anyone on here has taken extended warranty or will be when their warranty is due to run out. I haven't contacted Audi yet for a price, does anyone know roughly how much the...
  14. david_phillips95

    S3 8P Ferodo DS2500 Front Brake Pads

    Looking to replace my front brake pads as they are on the way out. Have heard alot of good things about the DS2500's. Found them on for £142.44 inc. VAT, is this a good price or is there anywhere that does them cheaper? As far as i am aware the S3 8P Ferodo DS2500 Front Pad...
  15. david_phillips95

    H&R Springs Fitted Today

    Decided to get the H&R springs fitted today, so my mate and i got stuck in. The H&R Springs Before Lowering... Work In Progress... Lowered... Love the new stance, Very similar to OEM when cruising and stiffer when cornering hard. Really a big imporvement. Cheers Davie
  16. david_phillips95


    Hey guys, Got my Sachs Performance Clutch kit fitted today and it is causing problems. There is excess movement in the pedal and the clutch is juddering. I had a new LUK Dual Mass Flywheel installed as the garage said there is not a Sachs DMF available for my S3??? When i check Elsawin it has...
  17. david_phillips95

    DMF Knackered!

    Dropped my car off at the garage this morning to get my Sachs Performance Clutch installed, just got a call there to tell me the DMF is gubbed - excessive play in it. My car has only done 19800 miles, The DMF's are like chocolate in these cars. My car is on 07 with LUK clutch and flywheel...
  18. david_phillips95

    HPFP Strip, Clean & Autotech Rebuild (Image Heavy)

    I have decided to go stage 2+, the downpipe is organised the only thing left to sort out was th HPFP. KRL from here organised a group buy for the Autotech Internals on the mk5 golf gti forum so picked them up for £246.00 Cheers KRL:) Hoping to see the internals through the door in a couple of...
  19. david_phillips95

    Audi S3 8P Dual Mass Flywheel

    Would you be able to give me a price for an Audi S3 8P Dual Mass Flywheel. Cheers Davie
  20. david_phillips95

    S3 BHP Graph (VCDS)

    Recently got VCDS through so tryed a calculating the BHP and Torque using block 120 and the excel sheet from the ross tech website. Results below: Davie