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  1. john_cook

    Anyone with an S3 in the North West?

    i live in Lytham. Are you getting it remapped in the next 2 wks?? Would be cool to see how it is compared to the R32. I'm in no rush so when ever is convenient for yourself silverlogic. Cheers dude.
  2. john_cook

    Anyone with an S3 in the North West?

    nobody on here got a remapped S3 in the NW to show a fellow member?!!?
  3. john_cook

    Anyone with an S3 in the North West?

    yeah, I could do this, but you never get to give it the beans with the stealers. Actually was hoping someone in the NW may have even remapped it to over 300bhp so I can really see what that would be like.
  4. john_cook

    Anyone with an S3 in the North West?

    Hi Guys, Was wondering if anyone on here has a remapped 300 bhp S3 in the North West (preferrably near Preston)? Wanted to see what the car was like and maybe get a ride in it as a passenger. I sold my A3 TDI last year and got a golf R32. Its a great car but it feels like it needs a bit...
  5. john_cook

    S3 tuning - article in latest EVO magasine

    Hi guys, was reading a little article in EVO this month about tuned hot hatches. They had an 8P S3 at 400 bhp, a Mk5 GTI at 407 bhp, a astra VXR at 420 bhp and a Focus STI at about 330 bhp. They were testing in the wet / icy months but the S3 did well, it managed 0-60 in 4.3 secs and 0-100...
  6. john_cook

    Holiday in Scotland piccies!

    nice photos mate. There are some lovely roads around loch lomond too.
  7. john_cook

    Red REVO RS4 Spotted at Lytham St Annes

    i've seen that one in Lytham too(Reg SFS 4 I think). as well as a regular Blue RS4 saloon and a Black RS4 avant
  8. john_cook

    B7 RS4 common problems??

    thanks Dave, I need to test drive one and decide.
  9. john_cook

    My New Car!

    My brother has the 535d and i've driven it, it is lightning fast when you hit the loud pedal. can be a bit thirsty though, think he drives it hard!! A terrific engine in a good chassis, great all round car. anyone who thinks its **** is a numpty! I'd like a 530d or 535d in dark grey...
  10. john_cook

    new shots this weekend

    really nice pictures there Drew, lucky chap, nice place you live!
  11. john_cook

    Advice - Mounting an 46" LCD tv on the wall

    Hi guys, just after some advice on fixing an LCD tv to the wall. Is a solid exterior wall so can take the weight. Few questions... 1)Do I need to check some VESA number or can I just buy a universal mount?? 2) Should I get a cantilever one or standard one?? (just thinking about access...
  12. john_cook

    got my s3 dyno'd today.

    Omar, Have you driven another 8P S3? Might be interesting comparison. Staring at numbers is one thing but if your car feels/drives/pulls as well as another stock S3, dont worry about yours saying its making 270 bhp. Its probably still just as fast! Maybe you could meet up with another...
  13. john_cook

    Petrol vs Diesel

    Dont forget that earlier this year Diesel was not so much more expensive than petrol, only a few pence, so it was more even more economical then even if not doing as many as 20,000 miles per year. Now the difference is as much as 12-15p a litre between petrol and diesel its looking like a...
  14. john_cook


    I meant I would be after a current shape RS4 in a few yrs (as new as possible i.e. the later ones).
  15. john_cook


    absolutely. In terms of hot hatches, the S3 is sitting at the top of that class. The E46 M3 was pipped by the new RS4 (but then again, the S4 was made to be a rival for the E46 M3), but it looks like the new M3 is a bit better overall than the new RS4. I want a new shape RS4 as my next...
  16. john_cook


    errr. so we agree then they are in different leagues! :yahoo:
  17. john_cook


    what I mean is dont take them to heart! i.e. dont let them get under your skin. Sure, everyone can have an opinion, +ve or -ve, not saying they can only post the good ones.
  18. john_cook


    Just ignore the negative comments Jux. The E46 M3 is a great car, my dad has had one for the last few years and i've driven it lots. Its in a different league to the S3 (oh no, that comment is bound to get some backs up around here!!:angrymod:) only problem my dad had on his M3 was the...
  19. john_cook

    Opinions on the Current Diesel Vs. Petrol Situation?

    sounds like you are looking at the 335i and 335d. Test drive them both and see what you think. Why not look at the A5 3.0TDI also, lovely car too. None of the 3 of these cars is bad! think this is an S-line (which may not be out in the Uk yet), looks the dogs to me