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    Fuel Trim; Bank 1: System Too Rich

    esp light comes on when maf is unpluged and engine is started.check the maf plug and wiring to the plug. this would also bring up these codes.may well be a faulty maf?
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    MTM S3 Turbo conversion Question

    i think the 996 porka has the k26? not 100% though.
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    MTM S3 Turbo conversion Question

    i heard they were k26 as well.
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    Urgent Help Needed

    same thing happened to me about 2 years ago? just pulled the pedel back up and its been fine ever since.
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    Dolphin S3's everywhere!!!

    another black one and sometimes a green one on my road!
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    Has anyone retro fitted rear parking sensors to the S3?

    check this out KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG - A3 - 8L hope it helps
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    anybody retrofitted cruise control on there 8l?

    vag-check do it in west london
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    BT all done.....

    looks like the BACKDRAFT kit at 450 bhp? 1.8T Big Turbo Base Kit | Shop VAG 1.8T | Backdraft Motorsport
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    Defcon bush sleeves:

    this might help. TT "Arms Race" - DEFCON Install album | mcphill |, photo and video sharing made easy.
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    GT28RS manifold and downpipe help needed! ARGH!!!!

    google pag parts as they do one.
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    Over-boost? Is this normal...?!

    do a vag-com scan and i bet it will tell you the clutch peddle switch is gone.
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    Garage specialist recomendations....

    VagCheck Main hope this helps.
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    How to paint my Brembo's? Powdercoat? Stove enamel?

    saw someone on the tt forum a while ago do it with hi temp engine paint and laqure.looked very good and had new decals from ebay. need to do mine aswell. let me know how you get on?
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    S3 due back from paint shop tomorrow

    or get one of those night rider red grill
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    S3 due back from paint shop tomorrow

    blue neons under the sills? you know you want to.
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    s3 tuning opinions and options.

    fmic & 3" dp &stage 2 map or go hybrid?
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    S3 project

    why not have your car looked at by someone who knows what they are doing as it once made the power your looking for?
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    SHOCK! quote for the driver's side a-pillar to be resprayed

    were abouts are you in the south?