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  1. Hookmonster

    2013 bitdi

    Where did you get that done mate, mines smooth as silk but preventative maintainence seems a good idea.
  2. Hookmonster

    2013 bitdi

    Well ive had a call back today from one of the two garages zf recomended, and the quote was £961 Ooof
  3. Hookmonster

    2013 bitdi

    How awkward!!!
  4. Hookmonster

    Spare key for A6 dealer only?

    I cant bear the thought of Main dealer prices.. Is the anybody on the forum who can supply and code a spare key. TiA
  5. Hookmonster

    2013 bitdi

    And is it worth doing..... Its just touched 90k. No issues with Gearbox at all... Just trying to keep it that way! Tia
  6. Hookmonster

    2013 bitdi

    Well heres the brisk reply from the gearbox manufacturer... Good afternoon Dean, Many thanks for your email. I can tell you that even though these gearboxes are described as sealed for life we do still recommend that you carry out oil changes at service intervals. In order to be able to...
  7. Hookmonster

    2013 bitdi

    I do have a question.. I went to book it into Audi leicester for cam belt and water pump, and also to get the tiptronic gearbox oil changed.. They checked my vin on there computer and said its cam chain and doesn't have a belt to change, and gearbox is a sealed unit and doesnt need doing...
  8. Hookmonster

    2013 bitdi

    Thanks Donkeyice. Its not a loaded version so less things to go wrong! Id have to say going from a 370bhp manual s3 to this is very different. Maybe not as quick, but such effortless driving and still ludicrously fast in the real world. I think ill grow to love it. As long as nothing goes wrong!
  9. Hookmonster

    2013 bitdi

    Just in the process of getting a 3.0 v6 313 SE bitdi.. 2013. Coming over from a 2010 s3.. All looks good on vcds, is there anything i need to be wary of, as i pick her up on monday. Thanks guys
  10. Hookmonster

    Excessive judder with new Helix organic clutch

    My helix organic fitted by Aks is spot on.. a little heavier than normal, but no judder.. a bit grippy if i dont quite do it smoothly in traffic but generally great.
  11. Hookmonster

    Power, mods,specs, remapper and graphs!

    Your only a few miles from me.... nice results...
  12. Hookmonster

    really this exensive?!

    599 cambelt and waterpump at main dealers and free mots for life
  13. Hookmonster

    Hello from N E Scotland

    Once that exhausts on.... get it mapped... just saying... ;) oh the difference.
  14. Hookmonster

    In the market for sportback s3

    Meteor grey is nice... not selling mine though ;) And for me i love roofrails on a sportback..
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  16. Hookmonster

    Audi s3 stage 2

    Thanks mate
  17. Hookmonster

    Audi s3 stage 2

    Whats that for exactly.... ? Temptation is a dangerous thing... lol
  18. Hookmonster

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Mr Sheen furniture polish and a bit of sun
  19. Hookmonster

    Milltek, Cobra or BCS Powervalve?

    Bcs powervalve with 200 cel cat here.... its something else youll want to polish :) Definatly one of my best buys, and the customer service is second to none...
  20. Hookmonster

    Power, mods,specs, remapper and graphs!

    Go God knows how your standard clutch is hanging on !!! Lol