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  1. Chris5


    Got a feeling it was a transit van or similar. He would have known he done it but maybe the damage to his was minimum so he drove off
  2. Chris5


    No I never bothered to the cars back to even better than it was. Old bonnet and bumper had a lot of stone chips. Your insurance will recommend a garage to you that can guarantee the works for 5 years aswell you get this sent in the post from the garage who fixes it. Originally I was going to...
  3. Chris5


    I came back to my car damaged last week in the gym car park. Smashed grill, headlight, bumper, wing and bonnet. Well over 3 grands worth of work I would say. Phoned insurance told them what happened so I got it all fixed through insurance and got a strike against my no claims as they were...
  4. Chris5

    Damaged headlight

    I managed to bang into something not paying attention. The headlight glass isn't smashed but the plastic bit under the bonnet has cracked. Does the headlight separate and can just change the plastic clips or is it one piece? Any idea how much a whole new headlight would be it's the Audi s3 2015...
  5. Chris5

    Engine cooling system

    @S32B Is it safe to add in that engine coolant if it's a different colour?
  6. Chris5

    Engine cooling system

    I went down to check and it was fine, iv been out in the car again and no more warnings have came up. If it happens again I will just call Audi and get it booked in
  7. Chris5

    Engine cooling system

    @Rob2k68 I checked as soon as I stopped and it was just on the minimum line so maybe there is another problem. I will check it later tonight when completely cooled down and see what it's like if it's not below minimum I will call Audi. @S32B Thanks mate il buy that now even if I don't need...
  8. Chris5

    Engine cooling system

    Went out to the barbers which is about 20mins drive away, got there fine then driving back home on the motorway I decided to put the foot down a bit then the engine cooling system fault light came up, I was 5 minutes from the house so just carried on home. What's best to do, check the level when...
  9. Chris5

    H&R Spring issue

    Mine makes a click noise when I turn left or right at a very slow speed aswell and has done for over a year now with no problems on H&R springs.
  10. Chris5

    Facelift Tints on a lease car?

    Mine is a lease and I got my tints done myself, lowered it and put spacers on. You can do anything as long as it's all back to normal when handing it back
  11. Chris5

    2016 S3 Tuning

    Think a good few have changed from APR/REVO to one of the two custom ones. They would be my preference to, it's just a bit of a drive, how much was the custom map?
  12. Chris5

    2016 S3 Tuning

    APR, how you liking it? There about 2minutes around the corner from me in Hillington
  13. Chris5

    2016 S3 Tuning

    Having read plenty of posts about this I think the best maps are the custom ones from MRC and Unicorn, does anyone have any preference between these two? MRC are nearly 6 hours from me and unicorn nearly 4 hours away. I wish I could find someone as good in Scotland
  14. Chris5

    Stage3 500hp

    Can you give us a rough total price from everything you've done. Would be good to give it a go depending on price
  15. Chris5

    S3 seat covers

    Can anyone reccend good seat covers. Iv been using my car for work recently and I'm an electrician so it's a mess right now. Getting a luxury detail valet next week so i either need a good seat cover or I'm thinking of just buying a packet of the 100 disposable valeting ones
  16. Chris5

    S3 / RS3 Confusion....

    Can you get a baby seat in the back of the new TTRS...that's what the girlfriend asks. TTRS or facelift RS3 for me
  17. Chris5

    S3 to RS3

    My car has 2 years left on its lease so by the time I get the facelift rs3 in 2 years unless I hand my car back early will the 8v model still be about for a while or will there be a 8... In the making? I would rather a new s3/rs3 8... than what would be an old style rs3 8v
  18. Chris5

    What S3 offers have people had?

    You will struggle to find a cheaper leasing website than Select car leasing. I got my s3 from there over 4 years, 10k miles per year, £1200 deposit and £434 per month
  19. Chris5

    Sorry peeps.....Im moving on

    Same x3 in black parks in my street and it does look the business. Good choice
  20. Chris5

    S3 stolen Lastnight

    The video says its private when I try to view it