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    Service recording

    Ive got a A4, B9 which needed its first inspection and oil change this week. My best mate of 40 years confirmed he could do it at his independent garage, and providing he used genuine VAG parts, it wouldn’t affect the warranty. He’s changed the oil and filters, and switched off the service...
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    Audi A4 saloon rear bumper guards

    Taking delivery of a new A4 Sport Ultra on Friday, on my (current) A3 I have a bumper guard on the back bumper sill, to protect it when taking luggage in and out. I'm a photographer so constantly carrying around large boxes of kit in the back, without a guard it will get scratched to pieces...
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    Sat Nav

    Apologies in advance, I know this has probably been done to death but...if I buy an SD card from a mate which has an activation code with it do I still need Audi to activate it? I've got a 1.6sportback with the MMI and Nav ready pack, box in glove compartment. If I do have to go to Audi, does it...
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    Quick intro and some newb questions!

    Hi guys Great forum, i've just signed up on the basis that I'm picking up an A3 sportback next friday, its a 2014 s-tronic sport but I have a few queries on specs. I've noticed it has the sat-nav button and the dealer says 'sat-nav prep'. When I enquired what that meant he said its got the...