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    CF tire valve stem caps and TPMS

    Not sure if this is the right forum - if not, mods please move. I'm looking at a set of carbon fiber valve stem caps for my tires and wondering if anyone has experience with these. My concerns are: Do they mess with the TPMS? (The Audi site linked below says they don't, but I've heard...
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    Chrome exhaust tips

    Audi newb here! Just got a new A5 and think she's missing chrome exhaust tips. I've found some OEM that will fit the 2012 model for around $100 on ebay. So, here are my questions: Will these fit the 2013? How much should I expect to pay for an install on this? It's probably just a quick...
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    Greetings from the Hudson Valley, NY

    This weekend my wife and I picked up a 2013 A5 coupe, manual transmission, black on black. First-time Audi owner and totally bitten by the bug. What fun that car is to drive! I look forward to learning more from the community here. Cheers!