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    Satellite Navigation SD Cards

    Our A3 is nearly three years old now and the SD card is the same age; I’m starting to think now would be a good time to a get newer mapping. I enjoy using the MMI so a new card for me is the way to go. The card we are using now is labelled Europa MIB-HS 2017/2018. Do subsequent versions run...
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    Audi Roadside Assistance renewal

    My car’s a three year old A3 TFSi 1.5, mileage is less than 10,000 a year, with about 17,800 on the clock. These are the six quotes I received: Excess All components Named components £0 £334.70 £274.96 £100 £282.51...
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    Advice on main dealer vs independent service/MOT needed!

    I have a ’67 plate A3 1.5 TFSI; I am having it MOT’d and the brake fluid changed at my local Audi man dealer for £100; also having the air conditioning serviced for an additional £25, as the car is three years old Audi recommend it’s now due. The reason for going to the main dealer is when it’s...
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    Audi Roadside Assistance renewal

    I'm just about renew my warranty, my car is just about three old. I've been quoted £334.70 for all component over, with £0 excess. Seems reasonable in the grand scheme of things.
  5. J

    Audi Roadside Assistance renewal

    I don’t think monthly payments are an option; it’s either 12 or 24 months payment upfront, probably for the very reason of preventing cancelling mid-way through the cover-period. However the cover does seem to be transferable between owners of the vehicle; the final page in the handbook...
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    Audi Roadside Assistance renewal

    My complementary cover will expire shortly so have just renewed. It’s £99 for one year (I think has been increased recently) or £145 for two years. Cover includes: ·Roadside ·Home Start ·Relay and Relay Plus ·European Breakdown Cover The two year deal seems particularly good value so that’s...
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    Facelift Tiny mileage between services

    Thanks for the replies fellas so you obviously think it is worthwhile sticking to the service schedule, and to should be on Fixed, even though the mileages between them are very low. My next Oil Change Inspection is due in 393 days; but I wonder if I should wait until that one? I could just...
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    Facelift Tiny mileage between services

    On 10th October 2019 at 13,430 miles my 2017 my 1.5 TFSi had its first Inspection with Oil Service. Two days ago the MMI has first indicated its due an Inspection Service in 28 days’ time; the current mileage is 17,827. So that will be approx. 4,500 miles between services (mileage is down on...
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    MOT and brake fluid change

    Afternoon all, My 1.5 TFSi is due its’ first MOT in September and the main dealer where I purchased the car has advised a brake fluid change is also required as my car nears 3 years of age. They have quoted £55.85 for the MOT and £83 for the brake fluid change totalling £137.85 Although it’s a...
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    1.5 TFSI Engine Software Update

    I have a A3 Black Edition tfsi 1.5 150 PS 110kW engine manufactured in 2017. I too was convinced the engine suffered from hesitation at low speeds, especially in first while pulling away (almost impossible to accelerate away smoothly), and when crawling in traffic. It didn’t necessarily kangaroo...
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    Sytner Nottingham Audi

    Evening All, Does anyone have an email contact for someone from Sales in Sytner Nottingham Audi? My two contacts (Mark Truman and Chris Langton seem to have moved on). TIA
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    Facelift Engine identification

    How do you identify the specifics of your engine? I know in my ‘97 1.5 BE it’s a 1.5 tfsi 150ps 100kW from the details in the owner’s manual. Is there anywhere to find any other detail before I approach the dealer? Could it possibly be a 1.5i TSI EVO 110kW EU6AG in my motor? Thanks in advance.
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    Complimentary Service

    Good afternoon, When I purchased my A3 1.5 CoD TFSI BE from an Audi main dealer I managed to have the cost of the first service included in the deal. It’s now due for that service; would you expect to pay nowt or alternatively still pay for oil, filters etc? Thought I would seek a consensus...
  14. J

    Sat Nav on the information display

    That's a much better answer than mine, but I was alluding to the same thing!
  15. J

    Sat Nav on the information display

    I think I have what you mean, on the DIS (I don’t have the virtual cockpit); the car is a 2017 Facelift 1.5 TFSI BE. Dave
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    Facelift 'Define as owner'

    Afternoon, I know there has been a lot of talk recently in the Forum around the app/website but… What does the ‘Define as owner’ give access to? When you have been defined is it just the online Digital Service Record? My ‘Audi partner’ say that until the vehicle has its first...
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    1.5 tfsi real world mpg

    We own a 67 plate A3 1.5 TFSI BE; purchased it in March this year and have covered just shy of 1,500 miles. It includes some very long motorway runs but in the main most journeys are short (less than 30 miles). I am not particularly heavy footed; so far we have averaged 43mph.
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    Facelift 2018 1.5 TFSI Sportback Black Edition Demo?’ Part 2

    Hope you enjoy the new car! We’ve owned our car now for just over four weeks and in that time covered about 1,075 miles (it only had about 2,900 on the clock when we bought at six months old). Ironically, having part-exchanged our 2.0 TDi we have just driven our two longest journeys of the...
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    Facelift 2018 1.5 TFSI Sportback Black Edition Demo?’ Part 2

    Thanks! Previously owned a 2012 8V Black Edition which also had ‘sports suspension’; on the new car it is firm but seems slightly more forgiving (sure I’m running with similar tyre pressures in both). The 2012 BE car was special paint order, specified by the previous owner (a beautiful...
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    Facelift 2018 1.5 TFSI Sportback Black Edition Demo?’ Part 2

    Here are a few photos taken on Collection Day. As far as the engines are concerned I would say the TFSI is far more responsive and accelerates much quicker and seems smoother through the gears. It seems like a crackin’ engine. The cabin noise seems less than in the TDi but of course it’s less...