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  1. Deannajade98

    Carista Fault codes...

    So i did a few things via Carista and looked on the diagnose section and there is 4 faults: Under 'Engine': 21388 21399 Under 'Instrument cluster': 9456128 ECM not authorized. Under 'Central Electronics': 526359. Now i believe the ECM is to do with Ghost immobiliser i have. Also on the note...
  2. Deannajade98


    Does anyone local to the Stoke - On - Trent/ Newcastle-Under-Lyme area know anyone that will do coding. to unlock features etc?
  3. Deannajade98

    Seatbelt height adjustment.

    I picked up my S3 Wednesday and after finally getting the seat right i noticed that i needed to move the seatbelt height down so it actually somewhat touched my collar bone... In trying to do this i realised it actually only goes half way but the passenger side goes all the way down. Is there...
  4. Deannajade98

    Additional Security.

    I am due to be getting my S3 next week and in doing so ive been looking at every option for security. So far: A disk lock is 100% certain due to being a visual deterrent it also takes them more time. Autowatch Ghost - Cant start at all but they could come back( if they dont expect you to already...