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  1. TerryA

    Supply of refurb / rebuilt S38L gearbox

    Anyone know of a source for the above. For my sons S3 on a 53 plate - lives near Cambridge
  2. TerryA

    Remap near to Inverness

    just moved to Scotland from London and will be looking to remap my Avant - any suggestions for remappers near to Inverness appreciated
  3. TerryA

    Thinking of installing a racechip pro2

    looked on the search but nothing really found - anyone using this and any feeedback would be good as it is significantly cheaper than Revo. Car is black edition 1.8 TFSI Avant.
  4. TerryA

    Winter tyres ?????

    To all you Scots, I will be moving to live near Inverness (Northside of Cromarty Firth) in a couple of weeks and have spent all my driving time (over 40 years) in London and South East. Do you recommend fitting winter tyres or is this unnecessary - would appreciate views !! Have a black...
  5. TerryA

    Carbonio intake

    Anyone bought and use this - looks soooo nice but does it do what it says on the tin ???????? Am a sucker for carbon - even though you wont see it until you clean the engine :yes: - assume it will fit a 1-8 TFSI as well ?
  6. TerryA

    Photoshop help please

    My boy has an S3 8L and is going to refurb his alloys - he is thinking of titanium or perhaps bronze. Can anyone photoshop the image below and change the alloys to bronze and titanium please Thanks - in anticipation
  7. TerryA

    Brilliant Red - A4 Avant Black edition - little bit more black

    Bought the above around 2 months ago and have to say really loving the car. It's only the 1.8 TFSI so not big power but it goes OK when you need it to. Love the black bits that go nicely with the Red but like my cars to be a bit different from the norm and have done a bit to change the overall...
  8. TerryA

    Slight change to look of alloys

    Just entered Audi ownership from an A200 Mercedes and went for the A4 Avant (black edition) as needed something a bit bigger for load space. Wow sooo pleased made the move !!! Always try to make my cars look a bit different so have added a bit of colour to the alloys to make them stand out -...
  9. TerryA

    LED replacement for rear brake bulb ??

    Might be a silly question but been looking at the LED bayonet bulbs that replace standard dual element type - no experience - any good ??
  10. TerryA

    Need to replace the pipe from valve to TIP

    Cab anyone tell me the internal diameter of this pipe please:
  11. TerryA

    Anyone use carbotech XP8 pads with OEM (312mm) discs and calipers

    As above- used carbotechs when I had an EVO and they are awesome stoppers so question is - they are available from a dealer in Cambridge - anyone fitted them to an OEM caliper- will only be for road and at Stage 2 max- think they will be a good compromise without the need to go for big brake...
  12. TerryA

    Photoshop - anyone please

    Hi - new to forum but can anyone photoshop this image to make the wheels BRONZE - thinking of doing something different and am wondering if it might look OK
  13. TerryA

    Fitted Piuoneer SPH DA120 to S3 8L on 53 plated car

    After an age of trying to get a decent signal and clear tones for my boys i phone reception on his S3 we decided to go for an aftermarket head unit. Was replacing a full Bose Symphony Unit He went for the Pioneer SPH DA120 after good reviews and had it fitted professionally by Cambridge Car...