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  1. ash_s3

    Red Leather Recaros

    Just spotted this whilst doing my occasional browse of the S3 section of pistonheads. Never seen an S3 with Red Recaros before, re-trim??? Think they look a bit gash to be fair, but certainly different.
  2. ash_s3

    Another maroon one!

    Another ultra rare Hibiscus Red S3,Has Jimmeh still got his?
  3. ash_s3

    Traffic cops - BBC1

    Just watching this, 52 reg S3 crashed into roundabout in wales and the lad died. Just checked the reg (as you do) and its still insured on the road! Anyone else watching it? Ash
  4. ash_s3

    Anyone with scuffed interior sills?

    Just clearing out the garage and found a pair of interior plastic sills off my old S3. I bought them brand new from Audi as my old ones were scuffed and took them off when i stripped the car. Complete with all the metal clips. Anyone after a set? Came off an S3. Still got the receipt for...
  5. ash_s3

    S3 Cargo Net

    Any idea how much these are worth?
  6. ash_s3

    Nice seats - S3

    Just spotted this on PH Imola S3, BBS LM Reps, Brembos etc.. But it looks like its had a re-trim, the black leather centres have been replaced with black alcantara, looks well smart i think!
  7. ash_s3

    How much are these worth?

    Pair of Forge polished aluminium strut-top caps £45 from theTTshop
  8. ash_s3

    It's Gone :o(

    Just sold my S3 today, very sad to see it go, took slightly less than i wanted for it but glad to see it went to a member of the forum, so hopefully il still see it about. Im sure it wont be long before its new owner (dan) posts up some pics of it. :crying:
  9. ash_s3

    FORGE FMIC - Could be a bargain - Ebay not mine but saw it for sale, could go cheap
  10. ash_s3

    Mark Speight

    Mark Speight has been found dead, he was splattered with blue paint, covered in glitter, and had crayons sticking out of his nose! Police have said he died of an 'ART ATTACK!! :arco:
  11. ash_s3

    Single Replica Wheel??

    Can i buy a replica wheel by itself anywhere? Just a single 18" RS4 rep (old style) Anyone help me out? Cheers Ash
  12. ash_s3


    Just thought id let you all know, Tescos are doing a cracking deal on Becker sat navs, just £59.99 as theyre a discontinued item. Still selling on the Becker website for £299.99 though... Tesco Online May not appeal to all but i thought it was a cracking deal so bought me one! :yahoo:
  13. ash_s3


    Just got my S3 back from the body shop after having the normal roof gutter bubbling sorted out under warranty. Im not too chuffed with the state in came back in, am i being a fussy ******? Il let the pics do the talking... Gaps in the sealant - looks shoddy work...
  14. ash_s3

    Silicon Hoses

    What colour silicon hoses for my Noggy blue S3? Contrasting colour? Red Or matching Blue? Will be looking to buy them over time, was thinking a Forge TIP first. Then the turbo -> boost pipe (only available in red), then the upper boost hoses.
  15. ash_s3

    New Mitsubishi EvolutionX - That quick??

    Just raced a white 08 plate evoX, never even seen one before! Saw him in the rear view mirror overtake the car behind me, so i dropped it and booted it so he couldnt overtake, took him ages to get past me, seemed like there wasnt much in it. I was able to follow him pretty closely and it was...
  16. ash_s3

    007P - Split R valve - worth the extra £??

    Basically looking to upgrade the std valve to either the 007p or the newer split R valve. I know the difference between the two but just wondered if anyone has upgraded to the split R and was it worth the extra few £? Just seems to be alot on ebay that have only done a few miles, thought...
  17. ash_s3

    My fault codes. What do they mean?

    Just used my mates vagcom on my S3 and it threw up these faults, any ideas what they are? VAG-COM Version: Release 311.2-N Chassis Type: 8L - Audi A3/S3 Scan: 01,02,03,08,15,17,22,35,37,45,54,55,56 Address 01 -------------------------------------------------------...
  18. ash_s3

    6,000 revs - stuttering - cutting out - what now!!

    Came across another fault on my S3 today Was giving it a bit of throttle down the dual carrigeway and when the revs reached about 6k in all gears (i think) the engine stuttered and jerked. Then changed gear and it was fine up until about 6k in the next gear then the same thing again. Could it...
  19. ash_s3

    Silverstone - Hotels??

    Going to be booking my Audi experience soon at silverstone and me and the mrs are thinking of going and staying overnight. Just wondering if anyone can reccommend any good hotels as close to the track as possible. Nice hotels please - not youth hostels! :lmfao:
  20. ash_s3

    My Hard Work!!

    Here's how i spent most of my Saturday! Method: Rinse down with pressure washer Wash with Meguiars Gold Shampoo Apply AutoGlym clean wheels to the wheels and scrub Rinse down Clay the whole car with Meguairs clay and detailing spray Rinse down again! Remove all water with Meguairs...