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  1. Ashley g

    Anyone fancy a charity rally across Europe?

    Just thought I'd share this incase anyone fancys it. I've taken part in this banger rally for the last 3 years running and it's a great laugh and a good way to raise money for your chosen charity. So far we've done the rally in an M reg Nissan Sunny, a BMW 730 v8, and last year we took a J...
  2. Ashley g

    What do you need doing mate? I'm a mechanic by trade.

    What do you need doing mate? I'm a mechanic by trade.
  3. Ashley g

    Blue Haldex controller

    I've got one too and only discovered I did when doing an oil change for the 1st time!
  4. Ashley g


    Uh? Just posted the question and now it's back. Whats going on?
  5. Ashley g


    Where's My sig gone??? :ermm:
  6. Ashley g

    Looking to buy an S3 over next few days, URGENT ADVICE NEEDED

    Mine may be for sale with a years mot!
  7. Ashley g


    Just moved from Carrington Road to just off the Hughenden Road! You?
  8. Ashley g

    ABF flywheel S3?

    Dammit! Anyone want to buy an ABF flywheel for £20 plus postage?
  9. Ashley g

    ABF flywheel S3?

    Just a quickie. Can I use an ABF flywheel and a VR6 clutch on an S3 with a 6 speed box?
  10. Ashley g


    Plenty of snow here in High Wycombe and its now coming down thick! The S3's parked outside but I've had a couple of beers to celebrate moving into my new house today. Oh well, hopefully it will be here tomorrow for some fun!
  11. Ashley g

    best car before your Audi?

    This... Because of this... And a 2 way diff. Now doing this in Latvia and driven by a bird too!!... Latvian Drift Series Nissan Skyline R33 Kristena 16.05.09 - YouTube
  12. Ashley g

    Can Anybody Rate or Slate these tyres?

    I've got a set of Vredestein Sessanta's on mine, 225 40 18 and for Me, they're brilliant. I don't push My car too hard but have been known to give it some stick and they're coping well so far! Got them from Elite in Essex, about £92 each if I remember.
  13. Ashley g

    Audi S3 Problem

    Almost guaranteed to be the water pump!
  14. Ashley g

    Help Please - Constantly Misfire at idle on Audi A3 1.6

    Pull the vaccum hose off the brake servo and blank off the pipe, then restart the engine. We had an Astra at work last week with a similar problem, turned out to be a faulty brake servo!
  15. Ashley g

    Back brake help please

    Sounds like your ambrake cable is siezed
  16. Ashley g

    Well worth the cash i reckon !Check it !

    I emailed the seller a few days ago to find out a bit more about the car and got no reply! Hmmmmmmm
  17. Ashley g

    Another aftermarket stereo question. Bose - Alpine...

    Yep, I believe it's full Bose. The head unit says Bose when you turn it on and all the speakers are Bose. Cheers or the info AndyMac. I'll do this at the weekend. Is it just a case of removing the drivers side lower dash to get at the back of the fusebox? Any ideas on the aerial? I presume it...
  18. Ashley g

    Another aftermarket stereo question. Bose - Alpine...

    Just been fitting My alpine head unit, in favour of the old Concert CD (Bose) I couldn't find a switched live feed. Does anyone know which wire this should be? I tried with my test light but could only find a permanent live, so now the alpine won't turn off with the key.. Another question, do I...