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  1. Toshers

    Saloon Apr stage 2!!!!

    Agree, cycling through to Dynamic before you start the car significantly reduces it. I'm running decat DP also.
  2. Toshers

    RS3 Quattro Letters

    You could plasti-kote them to try the look...
  3. Toshers

    Saloon Key in Boot Safety Feature?

    Will have to try this, didn't know about it!
  4. Toshers

    Best intercooler for 8V?

    Would be good to see some before and after dyno runs with the Evo1
  5. Toshers

    Roof Wrapping

    Another for roof only. Pillars look wrong.
  6. Toshers

    MRC Stage 2 or 3 Anyone?

    Keen to know if anyone has upgraded their intercooler, gone decat downpipe, intake mods then had MRC custom map their FL RS3? I know Revo and APR quote this as stage 2 but I think MRC have these mods as stage 3. Interested to know if anyone has any figures for an MRC stg3 FL RS3?
  7. Toshers

    Which downpipe should I buy?

    Milltek here too. Good fit and no complaints. On the FL, changing the downpipe from the factory unit will introduce more wastegate noise...
  8. Toshers

    Sportback Audi RS3 FL 500HP+ project

    Is it just me thinking that either APR or Revo don't want to be the first to release the stage 2 map and publish their figures? :whistle2: How long does development from stg1 to stg2 really take?
  9. Toshers

    Facelift BIL11 85 Audi RS3 Build

    Unless they drop the exhaust they won't see the welds. Everything looks to be hidden :icon thumright:
  10. Toshers

    Few new additions to my RS3

    If you can get a few pics of how they remove the shark fin I'd be extremely interested. I had my car booked in to have the roof wrapped but we cancelled because of the fin. Not willing at the time to experiment with dropping the headlining!
  11. Toshers

    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Taken last thing in the evening with a red sky. Look at the shadows cast... Any car taken is this light, apart from black, or possibly red, wouldn't look right. White would be an orange/pink mess!
  12. Toshers

    Michelin P4S - Staggered Set-up Photos

    Oh go on then, any excuse to post some pics lol Staggered setup with 8mm spacers rear and 5mm front. Car is lowered on the Eibach Pro spring kit.
  13. Toshers

    Under 35k

    Yup, the 140i will be the chav car of choice for a while. This should keep residuals healthy, but as you say there are just so many of them about! I'd have an M2 if it wasn't for the p*ss poor interior, plus you can't exploit a Beemers powers, M140i, M2 or otherwise unless it's practically...
  14. Toshers

    Facelift Weird Tyre Wear on RS3 (FL)

    Wow, they are proper f*****! What is going on indeed? The PS4S are a cracking tyre though :icon thumright:
  15. Toshers

    Sportback Brake Change Advice

    There are brake specialists out there that can skim discs properly, if the 1mm lip is something that worries you. Although imo that amount of wear is irrelevant. Can't find the post but someone on here used a certain paste to sort his squeal...a search should find the topic.
  16. Toshers

    Under 35k

    Lotus Elise. Everyone should try one at some point. Awesome cars, the handling and overall driving experience is exceptional.
  17. Toshers

    Post Pics Of Your 8V RS3's In Here

    Here's my beastie...
  18. Toshers

    New Golf R420 has a 5 Cylinder?

    Hats off to him if he has. I think the Golf R is an excellent car as it is, having the 5 pot would make it sublime. I can't see Audi letting VW have the 5 pot for a production vehicle.
  19. Toshers

    DP: to cat or not?

    Yup I'm finding exactly the same. With no cat to offer any restriction or sound attenuation you can hear everything from the engine, wanted or not. This is why I'm considering a 100 or 200 cell cat, I don't want to hear the ticking. The exhaust note is epic though, a tad loud but it pops and...
  20. Toshers

    Facelift Anyone running MPS4S tyres on the FL square setup?

    There's not much on the Michelins, you really have to drive with care :blink: