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  1. Persian

    ULEZ ... Need a new (used) car?

    I’ve recently sold my 520D and now looking for a new (used) Audi… At the moment, I’m driving my girlfriends 8P3 09 140 TDI (Stage 1) to work which does about 48-55mpg. I do 50 miles daily from London to Hertfordshire. Now as I only do between 9k-10k miles a year, I’m thinking petrol for the...
  2. Persian

    8P 2.0T cold air induction and odd noises

    Hi all, Long story short, i've recently bought a 2.0T Quattro S line SE which came with a Neuspeed induction (car is also mapped stage1) Now the problem is, when the car is rolling in gear/neutral (accelerator released) I can...
  3. Persian

    She's a write off :(

    Hope everybody else had a good day today... Long story short M25, approaching the exit, i stopped and so did every other car due to the traffic...Yet a van driver behind decided to continue at 60mph+ whilst looking at the bright blue sky. For those interested all the mods are in my sig below...
  4. Persian

    S3 Bulbs & Canbus Question!

    Hey all, I've tried searching the forum however had no luck, I urgently need to purchase some bulbs preferably LED's and was wondering whether the S3 8L's are canbus or not? Mine i believe is a Nov 2000 model x reg I've read two threads regarding this, and somebody mentioned that 8L's are...
  5. Persian

    S3 Brake/ABS Judder/Pulse & Noise?

    Hey peeps, If anyone could shed some light regarding this issue i will appreciate it a lot. So long story short its been a while when approaching traffic lights upon braking and near 10mph +/-5 the brake pedal starts to pulse heavily whilst getting really heavy and stiff to a point where I have...
  6. Persian

    Inlet manifold vacuum disconnected?

    long story short, new s3 and previous owner had used some **** silicone hoses all around the engine bay, some just covering electrical wires for show/looks i assume! :wtf: I've managed to source some fairly good quality silicones and changed most of them, however upon inspecting the two nipples...
  7. Persian

    New S3, Really really bad MPG!!!

    Before anyone gets annoyed I've read all other posts regarding the issue and have done everything people suggested yet no luck! I did a test this week (as i've just bought the car last week), literally miss daisy driving and i managed no more than 18 mpg! Urban driving yet with no traffic, temp...
  8. Persian

    New s3 8l owner...need some tips

    Hi all, Not new, been over the 8P section mainly yet wanted a change so thought S3 8L... Its been 3 months, and I've finally managed to pick up a mint condition S3 which ticks all the boxes (personally). 2002 BAM, 1 owner, 110k FSH with the cam belt, pump etc. changed twice by now. From A to...
  9. Persian

    Quick S3 Valuation (Buying)

    Hey guys, So from owning several 8P's 1.6, 1.8 TFSI and 3.2 I'm looking at s3's and can't really afford the 8P's hence wanted a quick value on how much the 8l's are worth and whether it's a good option? How much should I be looking to spend on 8l's considering most of them are between 70-100k...
  10. Persian

    Coilovers urgent help!

    Have tried lots to search for my answer and email members rather then open new thread but no luck! Could anybody tell me the strut size for 8P1 2004 1.6 FSI Sport please? DPM (Damian) advised me to measure it however said it's most likely 50mm! It's urgent as my current stock dampers are on...
  11. Persian

    Audi A3 8L Backbox Fit 8P?

    As title would an 8L (3door) backbox fit 8P (3 door)? Friend of mine offered me his 8L miltek backbox, I have realised that they are different to 8P's however would a garage be able to fit it without too much hassle? Or would it be a complete no?
  12. Persian

    Slow/Sluggish acceleration?! Introductory Servicing

    Hey guys, So as the title; today I realised slow sluggish acceleration (gear 1) it's a 04 sport 1.6 full service about 3/4 months ago! I have never done anything under the bonnet no experience at all, what are some sort of intro servicing that I could do? I was thinking perhaps oil and...
  13. Persian

    Dyeing Interior Carpets Black!!!

    Thinking of dyeing my interior carpet from the old looking beige to full black however not too sure what to use and whether it would look good or not considering my interior is fully beige. Its a 04 Sport with half beige leather seats and doorcards etc... I did find a thread however pics...
  14. Persian

    Key fob not working :(

    So I unlocked my car opened the door took my belongings out and tried to lock it as normal but it doesn't seem to work! Changed batteries and also used spare key however no luck yet! So then I started the engine, locked doors with key (manually), opened and closed all the doors, attempted to...
  15. Persian

    Rear lights screw/bolt

    Drivers side rear light seems to have the bolt/screw which holds the light in place missing? Anybody help with a link/tip on how to hold it in place. Thanks, Persian
  16. Persian

    T-Cut Scratch Remover

    Had a chance to personally use 'T-Cut Scratch Remover (Colour Specific)' on a friends white A3 and got to say it was magical, it literally removed scratches that I thought only a respray would remove. Now as I'm really impressed with T-Cut I was looking to purchase the same linked above for my...
  17. Persian

    Low Profile / Stretched Tyres wear out quicker?

    Hey everybody, I have been trying to look around on the forum and Google generally to find out whether "Low Profile" or "Stretched Tyres" wear out quicker then normal set ups? For example have a set of 18 x 8J which I assume normal set up would be 225/40...would perhaps a 215/40 (bit...
  18. Persian

    Quick Tyre Question (Please Help)

    Hey guys, Deleted my earlier post, as I found my own answer, however yet have another tyre issue :think:. Have a set of OEM 8J 18" S line alloys, ET43 and considering Michelin PS3's. Which would be a better choice considering not wanting to deal with arch rubbing issues and also planning to...
  19. Persian

    1.6 FSI - Fuel Consumption/Economy 'Device' Remap/Tune

    As title I would appreciate if anybody could help me with a remap (if called) for fuel consumption/economy gain. As its a 1.6 I'm not really looking to gain any Power/BHP and really care more about my MPG's lol, as I'm a student. Currently with really careful driving the 1.6 is returning about...
  20. Persian

    *Audi A3 8P1 + Bose Sound System* Wiring Harness/Adapter Help?

    Hey guys, Just need quick help on which wiring harness would work for me? A3 8P 2004 '54' with Symphony II (Double Din Tape+CD) which comes with Bose sound system (sub+amp in boot)? I have contacted 2 eBayers, and they have recommended me the following: Audi A3 A4 A6 A8 Allroad Amplified...