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  1. JohnS3

    Front wheel arch liner removal

    Does anyone know how to remove the 2 retaining clips at the bottom of front wheel arch liner? These are positioned at the rear and appear to go into the sill. Thanks in advance.
  2. JohnS3

    Enable rear DRL on MY10 S3

    Does anyone have a MY10 S3 or later with rear DRLs enabled? If so can you please post your long coding from your central electronics unit? Byte 18 contains the headlight info, I know a MY10 TT can have rear DRLs enabled by changing the UK default of hex 58 to hex 59. This is my current coding...
  3. JohnS3

    Price request

    Could you supply the cost for these parts please? Bracket - 8P0 919 892 - £ Screw - 8E0 035 413A - £ Nut 5x14.5 - N 908 298 03 - £ Amp - 8P4 035 225E - £ Amp - 8P4 035 225A - £ Mirror trim LH - 4F0 858 523 B 01C - £ Mirror trim RH - 4F0 858 524 B 01C - £ Lighting LH - 4F0 949 133 - £ Lighting...
  4. JohnS3

    Sportback rear window switches

    Hi guys, Can anyone with a sportback confirm if the small lock buttons next to the rear window switches on the drivers door just disable/enable the rear window switches? I've recently had an A6 loan car and the same lock buttons also disabled/enabled the child locks as well as the windows...
  5. JohnS3

    Advanced Driving Experience

    Is anyone taking part in the advanced driving experience at Silverstone this year?
  6. JohnS3

    Through load option

    Does anyone have a picture of the through load option? I'm interested in the armrest, the brochure says it has a cup holder, so is this a pop out affair or does the lid lift up? TIA
  7. JohnS3

    AMI Hard disk

    Hi, can you please tell me if this item is compatible with the AMI in the 2010 A3?
  8. JohnS3

    Mag ride switch

    Would anyone with mag ride be able to tell me where the switch is? I guess it's under the radio/nav next to the ESP switch. A pic would be nice too!
  9. JohnS3

    Colour dilema

    Just about to confirm the colour choice on my S3 sportback and I just can't decide on which colour to choose. Help!
  10. JohnS3

    Phone kit questions

    Just wondering if anyone has looked into the phone kit options now offered by Audi? I'm just looking at phone prep options in 2010 cars. Audi now do a phone prep bluetooth only option PR 9ZX and I'm wondering if this uses the same module under the seat as the phone prep low PR 9ZU. Here's the...
  11. JohnS3

    S3 service question

    OK gurus. Here's a servicing question for you. My current S3 is on variable servicing and I'm only seeing about 10K between services. I don't drive around like a maniac either, mainly motorways. So I pay £200-250 per service per year. If I was to buy a new one and have it set to fixed, I would...
  12. JohnS3

    Nav disk location

    Hi, I have a 59 plate A6 avant with a CD changer and MMI unit in the glovebox. Is the Nav disc in the MMI unit or is there another unit in the boot?
  13. JohnS3

    S4 additional maintenance

    Hi guys, I'm still looking at S4's, still not found the right one yet... Just a quick question for you all. At what mileage do these engines require additional work? eg belts, chains, etc... Also what would be considered high mileage for the V8? TIA
  14. JohnS3

    Price request

    Not sure if you can source VW parts ( I imagine you can though!) Comfort indicator retrofit kit for a 2003 Vw Bora I think it's 000 998 229
  15. JohnS3

    Real world S4 fuel economy

    I've been tempted, or should I say very tempted, by an S4 avant. My only concern is fuel economy (well that and the neighbours will say when they hear it!), my heart says buy it, but my brain says that a 4.2 is going to be thirsty. Would any owners past or present care to share their average...
  16. JohnS3

    Parts for sale

    Just a few bits up for grabs. Was going to fit them but I just don't get the free time to "play" these days. 08 central electronics unit - 8P0 907 279 K Gives you advanced comfort menus £70 + postage. Dealer price circa £150 SOLD Passat heated fan spray washer jets (x2) - 5MO 955 986 9B9...
  17. JohnS3

    Audi Music Interface (AMI) for A3

    Could you find out the part number and a price for the AMI which will be fitted to the MY10 A3 please? This text is taken from the PDF of the A3 brochure currently available for download from "Audi Music Interface (AMI). Universal connection for use with stereo audio sources, USB...
  18. JohnS3

    See through tyres!!

  19. JohnS3

    07 S3 Pollen filter

    As the title really. Could I have a price for one please. They are a bit big so how much would it cost to post in the UK please.
  20. JohnS3

    Big thank you to Dave

    I recently ordered some parts, great service and great prices! Just like to say a big thanks to Dave. :anbet: