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    Must have options on s3 8v?

    Thanks all so far for the suggestions -will need to be older than April 2017 (don’t want to pay the additional tax) -I do approx 4K miles a year (hence getting rid of the 335d xdrive) -hatchback Sportback is my preference -previously have owned an 8P so somewhat familiar with the a3 how do...
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    Must have options on s3 8v?

    Hi all, I’m in the market for an S3 8V. What options are well worth having?
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    Trade Parts Specialist (TPS)

    Hi, Have you asked as of April 2019. Believe it’s now countrywide
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    Trade Parts Specialist (TPS)

    Looks like tps slough no longer sell to the public.
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    For Sale 2003 C5 Audi RS6 Saloon 526PS MRC tuned with supporting modifications, turbos and gearbox rebuilt

    Probably worth cutting out the repetitive stuff of the advert - ie mentioning you’ve spent £16k on 3 times in the advert and owning your own garage several times too
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    Upgrading from non xenons to xenons

    in essence aftermarket would be strongly advised against due to 1-after market kits blow your wiper motor 2- they will now likely fail the MOT retrofitting headlights would be your best bet, and that way you can have headlamp washers etc
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    Horrible noise starts when speed is above 75mph

    Loose undertray? Can you get a recording/video of the sound?
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    Time for a build thread....big turbo

    You still around this forum Alex?
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    Quotemehappy - previous years premium

    I quite like QMH - there is no admin fees on policy changes!
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    More members set to benefit from Chris Knott service

    Don’t think I’ll ever be using Chris Knott insurance ever again - they leaked my personal data on google along with a whole other load of customers. Phone numbers, email addresses etc etc.
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    6 Months in Review - 1.4 TFSI

    Had my 2009 2.0 tfsi for around 6 years although for the last year or so I hadn’t driven it at all due to work commitments and company cars. Only done 12k miles in my ownership. Pros -cheap to run insure maintain -fairly good spec heated seats and what not were great for winter as well as...
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    So many problems since buying the rs3

    last year I was about to purchase a new RS3, had my heart set on it. Two days before going to order it a chap at the gym had his taken - they put a knife to his elderly mothers throat for the keys. That story still haunts me to this day. Ended up going for a 335d xdrive - looks just like a...
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    CCZA TFSI Timing chain tensioner kits, what do I actually need

    Iirc its the same kit as from the gti mk6
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    Post pics of your A6/S6/Allroad (C6 Chassis)

    Came back to the carpark to see her parked next to her twin
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    Insurance increase because of the Snow.

    Weather is not a factor used in calculating car insurance premiums
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    2011 A6 Flywheel on its way out

    thanks, quotes for the flywheel are bang on £1k from a few local garages. don't think the clutch packs need to be changed
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    2011 A6 Flywheel on its way out

    Hi all, our A6 2.0tdi cvt appears to have some flywheel chatter. Likely that the flywheel is on its way out. Whats the ballpark figure for a good independent garage for a dmf replacement?
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    Q5 Looking to buy a Q5

    Hey all long term audi(s) owner here. Looking to buy a Q5 (2009-2013) and was hoping for a bit of advice The only 2 criteria i have decided on is: S-line and Automatic What options are basically must haves? Any highly recommended options, is the pan roof good? Are there facelifts between 2009...
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    CR140 vs CR170 vs 2.0T FSI EA888

    have had my 2.0TFSI EA888 for 5 years. Absolutely loved it.