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    For Sale Racingline VAG Group stud and nut conversion kit with Loctite 2422

    Stud and nut conversion kit for VAG group cars, long enough for 10mm spacers. Also included is the (rare as hens teeth, and eye-wateringly expensive) high temperature Loctite 2422. £110 posted. Untitled by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr Untitled by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr Untitled by Richard...
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    For Sale S3 8V Exhaust Tips £70 posted

    Set of unused S3 8V exhaust tips, no longer needed as the car has gone, and they won’t fit the Cupra Ateca I now have. £70 posted. Untitled by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr
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    Sold "S3" Steering Wheel badge £30 posted

    As it says, Audi A3 8V "S3" Steering Wheel Badge 8V0419685. Never fitted. Image is from the ad I bought from.
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    For Sale S3 19" 5V wheel and tyre

    The rim I bought off eBay, and was painted silver at the time. I had it refurbished to original spec, and fitted with a new tyre as a spare for my S3. Never been fitted. Rim: 8Jx19 ET49, 57.1 bore, part numbers 8V0 601 025 FE (A5) and 8V0 601 025 (A7) <shrugs> Tyre: Goodyear Eagle F1 235/35...
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    Sold Rear mud flaps for S-Line or S3 8V

    These aren't listed for the S3, but they fit perfectly (not been fitted, just offered up to check fit) £20 posted Audi stuff by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr Audi stuff by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr
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    For Sale A3/S3 8V Sportback Winter mat set

    Genuine Audi mats and boot liner (so many of the cheap liners on eBay are a really rubbish quality and fit, the first one I got - and sent back - was £22). The boot liner has been cut fopr the lashing points, £110 posted Audi stuff by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr
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    For Sale 17" Alloys with winter tyres (4 + 1)

    I have a total of 5 of these available: A set of 4, refurbished last year, and on the car for less than 500 miles this. I got them painted grey to match the centre caps. The advantage is they don't show the dirt much! They were originally off an A4 (part number 8K0 601 025B) and as such have a...
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    Facelift No phone ringtone available

    I was in the car yesterday when the phone rang. Except it didn’t. The radio sound stopped, and I glanced at the MMI to see if I’d lost the DAB signal, and to my surprise saw I had an incoming call (my phone stays on silent most of the time). When I got home I checked the settings. Apparently my...
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    Wheel Centres question

    Right, I have a set of winter wheels which I had with my A4, so they have a 66.5mm spigot diameter, and a 60mm diameter hole for the 5-arm centre caps to clip into. I've fitted 57.1mm spigot rings so wheels fit the S3. I'm pondering doing a stud and nut conversion, and for that it's likely the...
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    Fixed Forum stickers not arrived.

    I placed an order on 31st May for a sticker set, and got a confirmation email. What’s the usual lead time for them please?
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    Spacers, what a minefield!

    Well maybe exaggerating a bit :grinning: But after googling on and off for a couple of days, and deciding 10mm all round (on my 19x8j ET49’s) would be doable (I’m going to use the Racingline stud conversion, and that maxes out at 10mm) I started looking at spacers. Decided H&R hub entries are...
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    Facelift S3 minimum rim size 17”

    A subject that comes up reasonably often, but for those who’s search-fu is weak, I just checked if the winter rims from my A4 would fit the 2018 S3. They do, with about 10mm spare over the front calliper, so enough room for balance weights (mine have all fallen off, guess the wheels were damp...
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    Peeling S3 black window surround trim

    So I have a 2018 S3 bought from a dealer with 14k on the clock. Whilst filling it up yesterday, I noticed the black covering on the rear window surround trim peeling off to reveal the silver finish underneath. My question is, do all S3’s have black window trims? Somehow I doubt it’ll be covered...
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    Convenience turn signal FL S3

    I was experimenting with VCDS for the first time, and had a couple of successes, with oil temp on DIS and exhaust flaps open, but I failed to find the option to change the number of cycles the convenience turn signal makes - I wanted to try it on 5. I’d seen this Adaptation of the turn signal...
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    For Sale A4 B8 Avant Load Area Liner

    A complete, and unused, load area liner for the Audi A4 B8 Avant, bought from Current new price £121. For sale for £75 delivered PP F&F(or £65 cash if you can pick up from HP22 5HY) A4 B8 Load area liner by Richard Fletcher, on Flickr A4 B8 Load area liner by Richard...
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    Vehicle data sticker

    When I got my car, the dealer had lost the original handbook, so no data sticker to see there (they eventually provided a replacement book, but no wallet, cheapskates). Any suggestion as to where in the car the other half might be? Looked under boot floor, and under space saver.
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    AGM Battery charging

    After several weeks of occasional short journeys during which the stop/start function didn’t, today I took the car out for the best part of an hour up and down the local bypass, as well as visits to 2 local towns. The battery still isn’t sufficiently charged for the stop/start to operate. I’m...
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    Sold Audi/VW/SEAT Summer Alloy & Tyre 18x8J ET47 Dunlop 245/40 ZR18

    This is a genuine Audi wheel, used as a spare for my A4 B8. Audi part number AK0601025AJ. It's fitted with the AO Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres, with around 6mm of tread left. The rim itself has signs of light kerbing, so if you're a purist you may want to get it refurbished. I've show the...