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  1. Callump01

    Facelift Front Grill Quattro Lettering

    Easiest way I would think is to just get the letters wrapped whilst they're still attached. Should be fairly cheap to do!
  2. Callump01

    MRC stage 1

    That torque figure is incredible... must be a right good laugh to drive! :racer:
  3. Callump01

    Facelift From S3 to RS3

    Not the most sporty looking cars, I'll admit... Fingers crossed they knock it out of the park with the wide body, big spoiler and triple motor P100D+ Plaid currently in prototype testing. Good attempt at bait...
  4. Callump01

    Facelift From S3 to RS3

    Model Y Performance sounds like it could be up your street when it's out in the UK. It's basically what the Model 3 is to the Model S. Same size as the Model X but far newer underlying tech and a slightly less eye-watering pricetag at around half the price and will still be less than 3.2 seconds...
  5. Callump01

    Facelift From S3 to RS3

    Gotta brace for cover saying it in petrolhead forums... Tesla Model 3 Performance. They released another performance increase update yesterday so it's around ~500 HP now. Knocks your socks off! Good mix of sensible daily and fun (minus the 5 cylinder soundtrack) You'll most likely have flashing...
  6. Callump01

    Facelift DSG fluid change

    What can I say? Love to lighten up the forum, me!
  7. Callump01

    Facelift From S3 to RS3

    No "boggle" my good friend. ✊ They really are cracking tyres; thankfully came stock on my current car which I was really pleased about. I found the Pirelli's to be just as good as the PS4's in the dry, but like you said in the wet they're pretty shocking. I don't have my RS3 now, but I had...
  8. Callump01

    Facelift DSG fluid change

    Nice of Halfords to snap some pics as they changed your oil for ya, fairplay! :tongueclosed:
  9. Callump01

    Facelift From S3 to RS3

    :pileofpoop::pileofpoop:✊ I found this with mine too... hated the stock Pirelli's in the wet! You'll love the PS4S, it made a huge difference in the wet for me.
  10. Callump01

    Facelift Pirelli Tyre Defects - Response

    Wrong. Couldn't see the insides on mine when I did this.
  11. Callump01

    The question no one is asking about Ceramic coating

    I had Gtechniq Serum Ultra + EXO V4 on mine, manufacturer claims up to 9 years duration. Now that's optimistic!
  12. Callump01

    RS3 v Tesla AWD Milk Float

    I 'spout' on about it because for me and many other owners the instant torque and speed is one of the best features of the car and why the performance model is the best selling in the 3 range despite being almost twice the cost of a standard Model 3; to someone who hasn't driven a...
  13. Callump01

    RS3 v Tesla AWD Milk Float

    I'd say it's about A4 - A5 size from rough estimation. It's a fairly wide car too. The car would happily seat 3 kids (or adults) in the rear seats as there's no transmission tunnel going through the floor so it's completely flat. As far as I am aware, yes they do cover nationwide. I'm also out...
  14. Callump01

    RS3 v Tesla AWD Milk Float

    You're very welcome mate. Don't forget that there are significantly less moving parts in an electric vehicle compared to a traditional ICE vehicle. From a quick bit of research that could potentially be wrong, the drivetrain of a normal ICE vehicle contains around 20,000 moving parts whereas a...
  15. Callump01

    RS3 v Tesla AWD Milk Float

    Bristol let me get in a P100D for 2 (almost 3) days without even pushing for it. They're not commission based so it doesn't bother them if you buy the car or not. Give it a go when you're free D0C! :icon thumright: I still love my Audi's so I should imagine I'll be about at the next major event...
  16. Callump01

    RS3 v Tesla AWD Milk Float

    @Matt2010 I made the jump and have no regrets, I'll quickly recap on some points below but I'd recommend getting in one for a test drive and I'm sure you'll be sold like I was... feel free to drop me a PM if you have any further questions. The good; the M3P handles significantly better than any...
  17. Callump01

    Facelift Haldex Fault

    You have a Blackvue dashcam don't you Matt? Might be worth looking at one of these:
  18. Callump01

    GAP Insurance

    Took out a new policy on my latest motor yesterday. They really are a pleasure to deal with... breath of fresh air from the usual insurance companies.
  19. Callump01

    For Sale [Brand New] 12mm RS3 Black Bimecc Spacers + Black locking wheel bolts

    Never fitted to my 2018 RS3 Saloon which was sold a short while ago. Complete set of front and rear 12mm Bimecc spacers with black locking wheel bolts. Brand new, sealed and never used. Looking for around £115 ONO posted for everything. Drop me a PM.