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  1. JG51 AUD

    Sold A5/S5 - Genuine Black Edition Plus 19" Alloys & Tyres

    Fancied a change, so these are up for grabs, very sought after wheels, suit A5 & S5, although will fit other Audi models, A4/S4, etc. Wheels are 9j x 19, et33, no buckles or welds. some minor stone chips that have been touched up, no kerbing though. Tyres - Michelin Pilot Sport 4s, all have...
  2. JG51 AUD

    Sat Nav update question

    Hi, my son's partner has just bought a 2013 TT, she's looking to update the Sat Nav/Firmware. Does anyone know of a seller or have a link to get this update. JG
  3. JG51 AUD

    Wanted TTS Front brake callipers 2017+

    As above, I've got a mate who is looking for a set of these for his Golf R. Let me know if you have a set, or know someone who is selling a set. Cheers JG
  4. JG51 AUD

    Black circle Tyres Flash sale

    10% discount - FLASH10 ends midnight 2/3/20 JG
  5. JG51 AUD

    Sold Genuine A5 /S5 19 inch Rotor Alloys + Tyres

    19 x 9j et 33 255/35/19 tyres Satin black with diamond cut faces, painted & recut around 18 months ago, used as Summer wheels only. Tyres are Goodyear Eagle F1, Asymmetric 2. all have 4mm+ All are straight, no buckles or welding. Alloys are in near new condition, IMO, one does have some...
  6. JG51 AUD

    For Sale A4 b8 Saloon door handles, arm rests & switches, etc

    As title, removed from an interior I bought for my A4 b8. Door handles are non illuminated.. £50.00 + P&P or collect fro KA12 area Scotland. JG
  7. JG51 AUD

    Sold Audi S5 / A5 - Bilstein b16 PSS10's Coilovers

    As title, These are 4 years old, covered about 38, 000 miles. Removed from my S5, previously on my A5, still in good condition and plenty of usable life in them. Pics to follow, part no. - 48-147231. These may fit b8 / b8.5 - S4 &A4, do your own research if interested. £400.00 + p&p JG
  8. JG51 AUD

    AITP 2019 Anyone going?

    Hi fellow Scots, anyone on here going to AITP this year? JG
  9. JG51 AUD

    Performance Direct Insurance

    Hi, has anyone used or has any info re the above Insurance Company. JG
  10. JG51 AUD

    AITP 11 (2019)

    August 11th 2019 Early bird tickets on sale £15 inc limited edition sticker. via official aitp website. JG
  11. JG51 AUD

    S-Tronic Gearbox advice/help.

    Asking this question for a friend. Car is a 2012 1.4tfsi, recently had a new gearbox fitted, under Evans Halshaw warranty. Issue is, when driving alone in D, display shows D and the gear, D6, D7 etc. but when you take your foot off the accelerator the display goes from D6, D7 etc to just D...
  12. JG51 AUD

    Scottish meet: Sunday 2nd September, Crail Raceway.

    German Car Invasion, part 2. Crail Raceway, Crail. KY10 3XL. Hi fellow Scottish members, it's been some time since we've had an official meet, so a couple of us thought it would be a good idea to gauge interest on meeting at this event. Please add your name if you are able to attend, I'll...
  13. JG51 AUD

    RS3 brakes, will they fit S5?

    As title, I've got the chance of a full set from a 2016 RS3, looking to see if they'll fit my 2016 S5??? JG
  14. JG51 AUD

    German Invasion, Crail - 17/6/18

    Anyone going? JG
  15. JG51 AUD

    AutoWatch Ghost supplier ??

    Anyone know where I can get the above fitted, preferably a place with a good reputation that a member has used before. Ayrshire/Glasgow area. JG
  16. JG51 AUD

    STOLEN - Audi S5 b9 RF66 XFG

    Mate's son's house got broken into last night, Stevenston, Ayrshire. Barstewards took anything of valve, including the above car. Mate doesn't know the exact colour, except it's Grey. If anyone spot's this S5, can you contact your local Police. Cheers JG
  17. JG51 AUD

    JG's S5 Thread.

    At the request of @chop, idea's welcome.............. JG
  18. JG51 AUD

    2015/16 owners

    Hi all, can you advise me if your car came with the plastic key that is found in the glove box. Audi dealer advised me that they stopped putting these in 2015. Info required for tomorrow morning, if possible. Thanks JG
  19. JG51 AUD

    2015/16 owners - advice needed.

    Hi all, can you tell me if your car came with a plastic key inside the glove box? Audi dealer told me they stopped putting these in 2015. Need info for tomorrow morning, if possible. Thanks JG
  20. JG51 AUD

    Who's staying where for AITP?

    I'm camping at New Lodge Farm, Bulwick. Sat/Sun. :salute: JG