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  1. pez81

    APR stage 2 dragy times

    First attempt with dragy on stage 2 very happy with the results. This is just mash and go no LC used as it breaks traction. Thinking about getting the TCU tune to lower the launch revs. 60ft 1.74s 1/4 mile: 11.4 @ 119.7 Pretty sure with racefuel and a better launch I can get 11.0-.11.2 secs at...
  2. pez81

    Changed over to APR

    Been a while since I last posted. Car has been running great but wanted more out of it. Contemplated stage 2 on my previous tune but wasn't convinced on the gains for the cost. Long story short I switched to APR and couldn't be happier. The torque is massive, way more than the last tune. (Not to...
  3. pez81


    Anyone that's been following my posts about my s6 knows that I've missed the exhaust (butchered) but the car is mega. I'm thinking I have to go at least stage 2 and the car is coming up for a year old. However downpipes aren't too expensive but with sports cats I'm still looking at £1000 plus...
  4. pez81

    Any RS6/7s in the Newcastle area?

    Hey everyone is there anyone in the North East with a stock RS? Don't see many around my neck of the woods and wanted to see how my car compared. Sent from my XT1580 using Tapatalk
  5. pez81

    Warning Car Thieves Targeting RS3's Using MF64 HSU

    I am not an RS3 owner but yesterday a close family member was followed a long distance from her place of work to her home by a blue Golf R reg MF64 HSU. When she pulled in to her driveway the driver of the Golf R pulled in and watched the house for some time. They got him (asian male) on video...
  6. pez81

    My Audi S6 Avant project blog

    Just thought id compile the mod list and everything I've done to the car so far and what i think of it.
  7. pez81

    OBD Eleven

    I was going to shell out for VAGCOM but as i only want to change a few things i thought id try a cheaper option first. I ordered the Obdeleven software and bluetooth reader it came in a couple of days and cost about £35 or something can't remember. I have already activated laptimer and once i...
  8. pez81

    Any RS owners in the North East

    I wondered if there were any north east forum members on here? I have a stage 1 S6 and just wanted to compare the two maybe do a video of some friendly pulls or something. I'll also be going to York in the next month that or so to RWYB if anyone is up for that?
  9. pez81

    Revo SPS boost, timing settings

    Hey SPS users I'm interested to learn more about how to fully access all the settings in my SPS device. I didn't actually know until last night that you can connect to your PC using the very latest windows 8?!?!? And change boost, timing etc I'm quite intrigued at this idea and just wondered 1.)...
  10. pez81

    Audi S6 first time at the drag strip

    Me and my buddy went to York raceway yesterday met some great folk. Everyone was really nice and pointed me in the right direction. Ive never been to a strip before but was a lot of fun. Even met the VW T5 guy with the rs4 v8 in it. Really nice fella. First run i totally ****** it i couldnt get...
  11. pez81

    Audi S6 C.5 Avant 0-60mph, 0-100mph Launch Control Revo Stage 1

    Okay so i promised id do some videos so i went out tonight to try and get some. First of all sorry for the shocking quality. I had to find a private stretch of road to do this on which aint easy if you've ever tried. The road i eventually found wasn't in the best condition, had mounds...
  12. pez81

    My Audi S6 Avant project

    I thought I'd put a post together with some pictures of my S6 for anyone who is remotely interested. It's Sepang Blue which looks great but came with some nasty *** chrome on it which Audi wanted stupid money to remove as they don't offer the black edition/optics pack on this car in the UK...
  13. pez81

    Bose system as standard on Audi s6

    Whilst I'm sat in the garage getting a new rear tyre on my 2600 mile car (******* nail haha how hilarious) I was looking for the locking nut and saw the amp said Bose. I only opted for the standard 10 speaker stereo as it sounded great. The Bose upgrade was about £1000 so cheeky Audi the...
  14. pez81

    Audi S6 C7.5 Revo stage 1

    I've had my car 2 months and have put 2500 miles on her. She's now getting some Revo love down and their Daventry HQ. Got to look around the facility and speak to some of the team. Seem like a real nice bunch of professionals. Seeing what they're currently up to is pretty amazing. I'm picking...
  15. pez81

    Oops accidentally pushed in my headlight knob

    I accidentally kneed my headlight control knob and its pushed in. Anyone know how to fix this or remove the bevel to push it out. Can't be added going to the dealer they break more than they fix.
  16. pez81

    Full bonnet and bumper protection Audi s6

    Any one got ideas how much a decent front bumper and full bonnet clear bra wrap would cost for an S6 Avant? I have picked up a small chip and want to get it repaired then protect the car. I've seen some amazing work from some guys in Scotland who detailed some cars recently with a paint protect...
  17. pez81

    Great deal on an S6 - orange wheels save £12,000 on list price

    So I am a current S4 B8 owner and I was going to just get it tuned but realised my PCP deal is almost up and I might get 12 months out of a tune. Kind of gutted to be returning it but I have found a great deal via and my dealer has matched it. S6 C7.7 Avant Seeping Blue 20"...
  18. pez81

    Supercharged RS4/5 B8

    My S4 B8 will be remapped by Statler soon who offer a GIAC stage 2+ which im excited about. However in 12 months i need to trade up and i love the rs4 b8. Apart from the lack of immediate low down torque which you get from the s4 that engine sounds a amazing. My question is does anyone have a...
  19. pez81

    Stock S4 vs S3 8V MTM

    Had a friendly pull against a very nice looking S3 8V today. He saw me behind him and foot his foot down so I obviously had to do the same. It was a very quick car and he did start to pull away, i couldn't catch him but there wasn't a lot in it, seemed to be the same distance we started at maybe...
  20. pez81

    B9 S4 Info Thread

    I personally didn't think they would lose the supercharged unit but it turns out they have. Announced today at the Frankfurt Motor Show I personally love the supercharged motor but...