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  1. Bonstio

    Loud bang fuel over my exhaust

    I was driving happily and felt a loud bang. Moments later the car behind me flashed and pulled me over to explain I'm losing fluid. Upon inspection, there seems to be fuel dripping from the bottom of the car at the back and its all over the exhaust box. No impact with anything, no warning lights...
  2. Bonstio

    Paddle shift repair

    Hello. I put some paddle shifter extensions on a while back. I know, not to everyone's taste. I now regret doing so because the additional leverage meant that an over zealous shift as snapped the thing off completely, along with the original paddle shifter. UGH. I've ordered a replacement but...
  3. Bonstio

    Quick question on towing eye

    Hey all, I don't have my manual to hand and need to install a towing hook in the front. Please can someone give me a pointer to a) where it is! and b) how to get the flap off the front bumper? Would be grateful. Thanks a lot.
  4. Bonstio

    Stage 1 noise on traction loss

    Did the Revo stage 1 a month or so ago. Now that I've driven it a little more there's something else I've noticed. When TC is on and I give it the full beans, it results in TC kicking in but at the same time the revs remain high and it makes that hilarious noise like when you do a launch. It's...
  5. Bonstio

    [FL] Revo stage 1 opinion

    Took the plunge yesterday despite having a year of warranty left. So far so good. Fantastic power increase. Red line moved up from 6.8 to about 7.3 and it seems to move with more graduations as the car warms up. Stationary rev limiter remains in place but the top speed limiter has been removed...
  6. Bonstio

    RaceChip Vs map

    Anyone tried this? I noticed that recently an option has become available for RS3 FL. The ability to revert to stock (warranty intact?) is appealing. Otherwise I'm looking at Revo due...
  7. Bonstio

    Disable keyless entry

    I tire of keeping my key(s) in foil / metal boxes :( I think I would like to disable keyless entry. Can this be done via some setting or OBD2 app? i.e. without visiting a dealer. Thanks.
  8. Bonstio

    Unfold mirrors on unlock?

    Hello. Is there any means of having the mirrors unfold when unlocking? Nine renown folded until turning on the ignition. Thanks! Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  9. Bonstio

    Tyre Pressures... but at what temp?

    Hello. When I check my pressures, I tend to do so when the car is cold, topping them up to 39 PSI all round for an unloaded car, as per the plate on the door ( When reseting the TPMS, it then goes on to read they all tyres are at 37.5. Is this is...
  10. Bonstio

    Smoked tail light options?

    Hello I'd like to darken up my rear lights. I actually don't see many options on Amazon/eBay. I suspect I'm looking in the wrong places! What are my options and what can you guys recommend? Suggestions welcome. Thanks! Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  11. Bonstio

    Ridiculous noob question

    I've owned the car for a year now and still not figured how to open the cubby holes in the boot. Should they be vertical or horizontal? I suspect I'm being to gentle but they are a bit tricky. Any tips please? Thanks! Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  12. Bonstio

    Android Auto + Root + Bluetooth OBD2 + Torque

    Hello. I've had some success getting Torque pro wired up within Android Auto. I rooted an old phone and leave it connected to the car. Once rooted, install the right apps is fairly trivial. It can be a bit fussy to get going but once working it's pretty good. Here is a reasonable video...
  13. Bonstio

    Missing wheel nut covers

    Anyone else had these fall off? Only done 6k miles and 3 of them seem to have come detached from the car. (Aside: I only noticed as I had a puncture today following a run in with a pothole... £230 for a new tyre.) Any tips on where to get some replacements please? Sent from my SM-N960F using...
  14. Bonstio

    Flappy paddle extensions

    After receiving the wrong sized ones after a muti-week wait, I now have the right ones fitted. Many on eBay seem to incorrectly claim FL compatibility. So double check with the seller. I'm happy with the look, although unsure how useful they'll prove to be. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  15. Bonstio

    Fun drift clip

    Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  16. Bonstio

    Best steering lock?

    I bought a steering lock "Stoplock HG 134-66 Steering Wheel Lock Airbag 4x4 - Yellow/Grey" like this one () but it's a bit tight on the steering wheel and is leaving marks in the alcantara wheel. Does anyone have a recommendation for something which fits a bit better please? Thanks!
  17. Bonstio

    Managing my 'Special Destinations'

    It looks like Audi has changed their website and I'm having a tough time find the location where I can manage my special destinations. MyAudi says: "The new myAudi architecture makes it easier to use. It is the basis for a number of new features and services. Changing the underlying technology...
  18. Bonstio

    Facelift Down shift vs. pops and bangs

    It seems there are several methods of downshifting and some produce satisfying acoustics whereas others do not. 1 Manual mode, downshift via gear stick or paddle 2 Switching back to Auto / Sport mode at low speed (e.g. if in 3rd, gear box shifts you to 2nd) a Switch back from manual back to...
  19. Bonstio

    Facelift Sometimes it's faster than other times

    I've been driving this FL SB for nearly 4 weeks now. I've done more than 2k miles now so consider the engine well run-in. Sometimes when I floor it, it feels like my head is getting snapped off my neck. This is good. Other times, it's really not doing it for me. I don't think it's TC kicking...
  20. Bonstio

    Facelift Audi connect key

    So this Audi connect key... I'm assuming the in-app presence for this is intended to for other vehicles which support this. I have not seen any MMI settings for this so assumed it's not available. Is that about right? Thanks.