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  1. reefer110

    For Sale ABT Engine Control unit

    Apologies, this was taken from my old 8V variant.
  2. reefer110

    For Sale DTE Systems Pedal+ box

    Giving this a bump, my car has now sold so I'm open to offers. You'd need to check with the manufacturer with regard to compatibility on your vehicle. Collection only, location - Aylesbury.
  3. reefer110

    For Sale A3 8V Rubber front mats/Boot liner

    As per the title, I have a set of genuine front rubber mats to fit an A3. I also have an aftermarket boot liner. Having recently sold the car I no longer have any use for either. Approx 1 year use, the condition is good and will come up nicely with a wipe over. I'm open to reasonable offers on...
  4. reefer110

    For Sale DTE Systems Pedal+ box

    I have the following DTE pedal box plus for sale, approx 1-year-old, purchased from DTUK. This has been used on 2 cars, 1.6TDI DGS, and a 1.8 TFSI Quattro DSG. This is the "Plus" version which allows control via smartphone apps. Looking for £100 posted.
  5. reefer110

    For Sale ABT Engine Control unit

    Afternoon all, I have the following ABT engine control unit and loom available. It's taken from my pre-facelift 1.8 TFSI Quattro DSG. I had this fitted around Christmas time last year by Richter Sport in Milton Keynes. Comes with the mounting bracket in the second picture. No fitting...
  6. reefer110

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Are these a straight swap, did you have to change anything else?
  7. reefer110

    Anyone used Fontain?

    I can vouch for Vass-Tech in Whitchurch, been using them for years on several Audi's. Russ and Rob are good guys to deal with.
  8. reefer110

    Tyre recommendation

    We have a couple of members like this, like to shout people down, force their opinion upon and have a general 'my view or nothing' attitude whilst disregarding others real-world experiences. I find the mute button helps in these circumstances. With regard to the OP's question...... Michelin...
  9. reefer110

    Android Auto/Carplay facelift retrofit

    Good attitude. Not sure what you're getting at here, pal. In the case of the basic sound system not sounding as good as BO then I'll happily agree with you. In the case of my current system, which isn't B&O then yes, via the ali express box the sound is no different.
  10. reefer110

    Android Auto/Carplay facelift retrofit

    I have one of these, sound on my unit is no different but the Carplay connection aspect is flakey at best.
  11. reefer110

    Audi badge adhesive, illuminated

    Not my cup of tea, each to their own and all that. Reminds me of an electric cooker hob. On another note, I can't help with the fitting issue!
  12. reefer110

    My super easy Halogen to bi-xenon retrofit!

    Crikey... good work!
  13. reefer110

    Exhaust info help

    Where did you get this done, might be something work looking in to.
  14. reefer110


    I have the park assist fitted to my car, I've only tried to use it twice since October when I picked it up. Maybe someone here can tell me the correct procedure to use as on both occasions it's scared the life out of me, I'm sure had I not intervened the system would have put me into a...
  15. reefer110

    Retrofit folding mirrors on audi s3 8v

    There are a few threads documenting this process, have you searched?
  16. reefer110

    Fault code 329987

    IME any of the codes thrown up by Carista are pretty hopeless with regard actually meaning anything. On several occasions, I've googled a Carista code and come up with zilch.
  17. reefer110

    Audi S3 (2015 6 speed) APR Remap

    Is it a PFL car? Don't they have 6-speed s-tronic boxes
  18. reefer110

    Retrimed steering wheel

    yea I did wonder about the top of the wheel deteriorating but I usually hold the wheel at 3 & 9 o’clock so thought I’d take a gamble. Early days yet I know, time will tell.
  19. reefer110

    TVS Gearbox software

    Apologies, I'd forgotten about this until now! Lag in dynamic is minimal IMO, mind you it was before I had the box tuned. My real issue was the lag in standard drive mode. Having said that it's never been anything like you describe above. I had the stage 2+ as recommended to me by the chap at...