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  1. lukey baby

    Service Info

    I use quantum oil with genuine filters, will try and find the part numbers tomorrow for you. IIRC it takes 3.8ltrs of oil, 5w30 for longlife and 5w40 for annual services.
  2. lukey baby

    What do you all think???

    yeah you can do it leaving the bumper on but it is a PITA as jdp 1962 said.
  3. lukey baby

    Small leak under expansion tank

    Get the system pressure tested to see if there are leaks
  4. lukey baby

    A4 Sport Cab 56 number plate

    Get it checked out on diagnostics to find out whats wrong with it. Generally when the light is on it will disable the system and should not go off.
  5. lukey baby

    Audi Avant Rear Wiper Delete - Query!

    check euro car parts as i brought a genuine one from them in december.
  6. lukey baby

    Strange noise.

    the clutch can still feel fine, its the the actual bearing that could be worn/noisy
  7. lukey baby

    Strange noise.

    do you hear it with the clutch pedal depressed? if no then it could possibly be the clutch release bearing.
  8. lukey baby

    Brakes - AGAIN!!!

    no worries mate, if you want them pm me your address and i'll send them in the post.
  9. lukey baby

    Brakes - AGAIN!!!

    Bigg red online or genuine from dealers or tps. Bigg red kits come with everything you need to rebuild the calipers (including hand brake seals for rears) where as genuine ones you have to buy seal kits and slider kits etc... I've just refurbed a set of s4 calipers to put on mine and...
  10. lukey baby

    B7 Avant Rear Bumper / Diffuser Questions

    No they don't come pre painted. Ive got a 170 valance to go on mine at some point, will dig the part number out tomorrow for after work
  11. lukey baby

    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Yeah thats what i mean Trups, will take some pics and put them on when i get home
  12. lukey baby

    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Yeah trups dipped beam is much better too but i always thought that main beam was s**t compared to dip. Going to work tomorrow morning just to make sure that they are set perfectly. Hope you get the weather for finishing them tomorrow rastamouse, good luck!
  13. lukey baby

    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Yeah went for a quick drive earlier Emmo, main beam is sooo much better now. You can get shadow chrome from here Custom Paint | Pearl Paint | Chrome Paint - but the ones i fitted today were actually painted at a local place to me as the 2k laqcour that i brought with the...
  14. lukey baby

    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Firstly id like to thank trups for doing this kit and emmo for the spare set of lights that he sent me. While i was doing it I thought that i would do something a little different and choose shadow chrome but left the reflectors and shrouds alone and painted the base black. While i was at it...
  15. lukey baby

    Replica Xenon Headlight Quality?

    Fitting mine tomorrow morning, will post pics up when all done
  16. lukey baby

    oh FFS!

    f*****g c***s, I know how it feels having my car used as a "guide for reversing" . Hope you get it sorted soon mate!
  17. lukey baby

    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    Red and black....pure beauty, work so well together
  18. lukey baby

    DPF delete = MOT fail!

    spare tyre defective is an advisory