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  1. JGrant


    Alright guys just a quick one I have bought some new wheels but as I really wanted this ones I didnt think I just bought them and ended up with some 19s I thought they were 18s but incorrect lol doughnut I know !! Basically I was wondering if anyone wanted to swap with some 18s cash either way...
  2. JGrant

    Alarm problems

    Hi guys has anyone ever had any trouble with their alarm? Mine just keeps going off after I've locked it usually after ten mins all my windows are up etc it did have a light saying boot open I oopen n shut it it went but the alarm still keeps going off.. I have had it remapped last week it's...
  3. JGrant

    Where to get a clutch

    Hi guys, as I have said previously I am a novice/rookie at the modding game, where do I get a good clutch is there upgrades and if so what are the reccomaendations of driving use on them, I have hug had my car remapped and think it's only wise to start there to carry the build on..
  4. JGrant

    What's next..

    Hi guys just wondered if you could gimme some advice , I've just had a remap with dpf delete what's next to get it ready for a remap stage 2. Thanks. Josh
  5. JGrant

    Is My Girl Dying?

    hi guys i know i keep going on about dpf removal an remap, but now my car has a coil light flashing with the engine mangament light on also with th dpf light stuck on. i cant do anything until i get paid on wednesday so i have tried to research my self but i would like some kind advice on what...
  6. JGrant

    Mods guidance/advice needed

    Hi guys, as I know form previous post people have their opinions on the best remaps, I have a 57 170 Manuel, I would like a recommendation on a dpf removal and map also what sort of prices I should be looking at and if there's any thing else I can get done at the same time for a reasonable...
  7. JGrant

    Engine Mods For Diesels..

    Hi sorry for yet again another thread but I am just try to et some ideas of what I want to do to my car it's a 170 tdi, I just wondered if someone could tell me what the best mods are for engine preformance? For example does a inter cooler make much gains? I don't really want to make it to loud...
  8. JGrant

    Bigger Turbo Will It Make A Difference?

    Hi Guys I got speaking to a bloke today who said before I get it remapped I should put a 2.5 or 3.0 tdi turbo I was just wondering what difference it would make...
  9. JGrant

    New Audi Diesel Owner.. Help Wanted..

    Hello, I have recently well couple months ago bought a used 57 plate 170FWD TDI , don't know if anyone would be helpful enough to explain to me if I remove the DPF on will my car smoke or anything? I have tried to search it up but have been unsuccessful.. I would also like to know how easy/hard...