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  1. phoenixv6quattro

    Rubbing Compound?

    DONT DO IT!!!! Buy some Menzerna 203s from PB and a Lakes light cut pad (orange one). Thats probably the best you guna get unless a pro detailer gets busy with a rotary/orbital. That or wet sanding which is not as hard/easy to get wrong as people think. You could always get the bonnet resprayed...
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    Favourite glass cleaner?

    AG fast glass is good, but recently finished the bottle so thought i would try the megs nxt gen glass cleaner. Its not very good. You have to work very hard to get all the smears out! Swithed back to IPA and fast glass i will.
  3. phoenixv6quattro

    Wheel protection advice

    If there are fine swirl marks then you could fill them up with some SRP, then a few coats with the sealant. dosn't really matter either way. The poorbys will provide good protection with or without the SRP.
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    TBH I only use IPA on my windows. It is strong stuff and will more than likely strip the wax if you apply it (if you havnt stripped the wax off first!).
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    Bi-annualy, I strip off the wax (used to use dodo juice strong wash-but its a pain in the **** as I had to get it mail order!), remove tar and tree saps etc via tardis (great stuff), clay to further remove impurities and polish by hand. I then re-apply a good wax (this time its Blackfire). I do...
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    Anyone else tried this for the purpose of stripping wax or is it just me?
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    Hello Gents. Just for info, "muck off", the motorcycle cleaner/mountain bike cleaner sold in Halfords strips wax quite effectively! It stripped the colly 476 I had on my avant. I my foam lance up with and sprayed it on the car, left it on for 5 mins and rinsed. Good stuff, and readily available...
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    Glass Cleaner

    No probs Jimmeh. Your the expert, very suprised you havnt used it. V economical!
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    N8 v A3 TDI S-Line

    Good job lad. Those Nankang tyres will probably kill him though and ruin your hard work. lol!
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    Glass Cleaner

    IPA (ALCOHOL) Is also very good and ****** cheap to boot. Loads listed on the bay.
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    Recommended products/routine for dark metallic/pearlescent Audi's

    If you can give it a tar treatment too. I always use Tardis before I clay mine (twice a year) then wash again and set about with various waxes/sealants. Didn't used to bother only claying, but was amazed on what a difference tye Tardis made! The claying process is a lot easier (less...
  13. phoenixv6quattro

    Lake Country Light Cut Hand Pad

    Menzerna 203s with a bit of luck.
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    Aston Martin V8V detailed

    WOW! You/your organisation must have some network (and I dont mean orange) to have had the pleasure of prepping the cars in the last few pics! Well done top work.
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    Pay less when buying from us in the future....

    Thats very good of you guys as I place regular small orders (5-6 a year at the mo). Cheers fellas! Ppint to note though, I shop from you guys for 2 reasons...... 1. The first time I called and wasn't looking to buy anything (made the guy aware) but needed some sound advice which was provided in...
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    Re polishing porcshe wheels.

    Peek is good but no better than autosol. Is just a glorified version of brasso. See the link below. That should square you away...... - DIY: The Last Wheel Polishing Tread You'll Ever Read, I Hope.... Those VW/ED 38 boys know their sh1t! See this too!.... YouTube - Grenadier...
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    Snowfoam on the S4

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    Re polishing porcshe wheels.

    What you need is a Queens Guard! They can get anything shiny in the dark. Send your wheels with a cheque made payable to help for heroes to Wellington Barracks.
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    Fully Certified

    Well done mate. Just a quick one though, you paid HIM to do a 100% correction? Shouldn't that be the other way around??!!lol! So he probably collected the cash from a customer for a car that YOU detailed and worked your **** off on then got paid by you too. I appreciate the kudos you have now...
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    Show and Shine - January