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  1. Kapten

    Skid plate

    Hi, Anyone know where to get a new Skid plate for an Audi S3 -00? part No.? The original one is made out of plastic and is not so strong (lost mine today after a couple of laps around an ice-track on a lake). So I would like to get a new one in another material. But I have never seen a custom...
  2. Kapten

    Part number for Bose front speaker

    Hi, I have Bose sound system installed in my car(S3 2000). I need to replace my lower left front door speaker since it sounds like crap. Does anyone know the part number for this speaker and can I find this speaker in another shop than my local Audi dealer since they want quite much for it. Br...
  3. Kapten

    How do I remove ECU

    Hi, I'm a happy S3 2000 owner and have now decided to go for the Revo remap but the dealer in sweden is located to far away for me to travel so I have to ship my ECU box to him for the remap. -Is it easy to remove the ECU and where is it located ? -When I remove ECU is there anything special...
  4. Kapten

    Is it possible to reach Rpm limit on the 6th gear

    Hi, I have know decided to upgrade my Audi S3 -00 with some kind of ECU re-map. I will probably go for the Revo since it seems to be a good choice. Does anyone know if it is possible to reach the RPM limit at 7200 rpm on the 6th gear with a Revo re-map? I have talked to an S3 owner in sweden...
  5. Kapten

    Hello from the Kapten.

    Hi everyone, my name is Martin and I leave in Sweden. After spending many hours reading this forum I now have become a member. Thanks everyone for making this place so interesting and Good. Currently I'm driving an Audi S3 year 2000. Br, Martin