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  1. Sam Kay

    SQ5 Adjustable front headrests

    Hi my only bug bear with my new SQ5 is that the front headrests are fixed (in that there is no horizontal movement), and as I have an old neck injury this is a bit of a pain (pun intended). I have noticed that some overseas models seem to have the adjustable headrests as per the picture, but...
  2. Sam Kay

    SQ5 SQ5 Retro fit rear seat storage

    Hi everyone, does anyone know if I can retro fit the rear seat storage nets to my SQ5 and if so where I can buy them from? Oh and any ideas how hard/easy they are to fit please? Cheers
  3. Sam Kay

    SQ5 Collecting new SQ5 TSFI on Sunday - petrol advice please

    Hi all, I'm collecting my new SQ5 TSFI on Sunday, and I'll post photos once I've had it detailed, ceramic coated and the front protected. May I ask what, if any, of the 'superior' petrol brands people use please? I've read quite a lot about people saying you must use Shell V-Power, but is...