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    Tvs engineering

    I’m too looking at Stage 1 and been quoted with R600 intake and turbo intake pipe. Are these really necessary for stage 1?? I know it will help keeping engine cool just if required that’s all?
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    Online Service Record Help

    On the MyAudi app - Press the man bottom right, go to ‘App Settings’ then ‘Units’ then change to ‘imperial’ (miles) or ‘metric’ (Km). Go back in and should change ?
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    Bluetooth problems with MMI and android phone

    Might be silly question but you tried pressing functions tab (bottom left) as it brings it up? trued mine with iPhone 12 and YouTube music, doesn’t say track but have : skip, forward, rewind and pause on screen.
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    Tyre pressure monitoring system not working on S3 8v PFL

    Yeah I only drove to the nearest garage at 40mph for about 2 minutes. Sounds like it wasn’t enough time for it to register the low tyre and alarm on dash.
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    Tyre pressure monitoring system not working on S3 8v PFL

    Yeah it’s made me think about getting a tyre pump on the boot. It’s a huge nail in the tyre and had lost well over 24 psi over a day and still no warning.
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    Tyre pressure monitoring system not working on S3 8v PFL

    On the MMI it just states store all tyres when setting not individually. Oh ok I thought it would show on initial start up, cheers
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    Tyre pressure monitoring system not working on S3 8v PFL

    Hello yesterday I came out to a deflated tyre, took it straight to a petrol station to pump up and was found at 9 psi. Pumped all up to 33 and reset MMI stationary. Checked over and found a screw in middle of tyre. Went out this morning to get repaired and again tyre was deflated (as expected)...
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    Haldex Gen5 oil change and gauze clean.

    Just had my Haldex oil and filter cleaned at 57k. Was changed at 38k by Audi but obviously don’t clean filter so wanted it done. Was a lot of swarf! Defo one to do.
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    Huawei and mmi

    Play music through Bluetooth? You don’t need cables
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    Service Record - Gearbox Service

    When I bought my car I was shown receipts of S Tronic gearbox oil, Haldex oil & brake fluid change that was done like yours after the schedule inspection and service last year. Luckily I asked for a copy with previous owner name removed as when I just got a service carried out recently the above...
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    @george forbes So rang them and it was only 2 months ago when bought, gotta ring another manager tomorrow as you are right - Legally I have 3 months statutory warranty with them. Hope they don’t make me go to them as a good 2 hour drive. Must admit I didn’t even think to contact them as went...
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    I will give them a try good shout, I was sold warranty but is water pump would be covered under warranty but as it is thermostat housing it is not - makes you laugh how any excuse not to pay out!
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    So..... first time poster, long time Lerker! Had my 65 plate sportback S3 for few months now but other week got ‘Low Coolant Level’ on dash and low and behold was quite below min level. Topped up 100ml and all good and today been to get service at Audi and get told thermostat housing leaking...