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    Xenon Headlight Bulbs

    Hi guys, My front-right xenon dipped beam/high beam bulb died so I'm looking for a replacement. Does anyone know what is the original OEM bulb (part number and manufacturer, I believe it's Phillips?)? Also, do bulbs and part numbers vary across different markets (specifically Australia)? Also...
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    Coolant loss

    Hi guys, I suspect I've got a coolant leak again, I noticed the level go from usual mid to just below the min. I've had thermostat replaced (twice) under warranty before (2018 & 2019, second time apparently the seal wasn't installed properly) Does anyone know the OEM part numbers for revised...
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    Replica VS OEM rims

    Hi Guys, Recently I had new tyres fitted at the Audi dealership and during the process they damaged one of my rims with tyre mounting. As these are diamond cut (5-arm rotor design) I refused any kind of repair; they agreed to replace the rim with the new one. As the OEM are far more expensive...
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    S3 Steering

    Hi Guys, Recently I've noticed my steering feels very light on-center, as in, making very small corrections to stay straight in the lane, the steering feels like there is no resistance trying to turn it from one direction to other then it progressively gets heavier (as it should) as the turn is...
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    S3 Steering Issue

    Hi guys, I'm hoping to get some opinions on this issue... Would it be possible for the steering wheel to not point straight without any external impact? I've never touched the kerb, never hit any harsh potholes (that I can remember), always go very slowly over speed bumps and yet I'm pretty...
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    Stop-start system

    Hi, Does oil and coolant still flow to through the turbo when the engine shuts off with the automatic stop-start system? I'm a bit reluctant to use the stop-start as I'm not sure if the turbo is being harmed with the instant shut off of the fluids; does Audi have alternate pump that...
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    Weight of 18" Rotors?

    Hi, Does anyone know the weight of 8J x 18" 5-Arm Rotor wheel? I've been looking all over the net and no answer :( Cheers
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    Mythos Black?

    Hi, Has anyone seen Mythos Black in person? What kind of tinge does it have? Green? Blue? Gray? Cheers
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    Wheel offset

    Hi, I'm about to place the order for the S3 Sedan, but have few questions regarding the wheel packages. I love the look of the 19" parallel spoke rims that come with performance pack but at additional $5,000 AUD price tag, it's above my budget. The second option that I'm looking at is the 18"...
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    Need advice..

    Hi, I've stumbled across this site and found a lot useful information, however I was hoping to get some expert advice on what choice to make... I currently own '02 BMW 330i E46 (Steptronic) and since it's getting old I was planning to trade it in for a brand new Audi A3 Sedan 1.8 TFSI quattro...