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  1. Shoomakan

    Audi S3 8l VR6 turbo build!

    Thank God you're smart enough to do this from the get-go and not invest in the 1.8T as most of us have. If the car is new I suggest a poly-bush job along with the appropriate spring/shock combo. Those make the most difference. Then adjustable camber plates and rear control arms if you like corners.
  2. Shoomakan

    Shoomakan's Intro and Build Thread.

    Hey guys and girls, it's me, your favorite askhole again. :) I'm having some issues with my tune, and I wanted to run it by you guys as I'm sure you have a better idea on what to do than I do. Before I lay out my options, I want to clarify that I understand how powerful the ME7.5 is, so much so...
  3. Shoomakan

    24 mm lowered , what should camber / toe = ???

    You need adjustable control arms in the rear. I used these: As for the front, I used camber plates like these...
  4. Shoomakan

    How to: Poly Filling Engine Mounts.

    Noise, Vibration, and Harshness.
  5. Shoomakan

    How to: Poly Filling Engine Mounts.

    Ugh man don't remind me. Poly dogbone and engine mounts cause all sorts of NVH issues in the car... Just yesterday I purchased a very soft rubber compound and literally stuffed the space between the windscreen and dash full of the stuff. Huge difference, now to tackle the vibrations coming...
  6. Shoomakan

    Visual ME7 Logger

    I think the bigger surprise is that you're using Internet Explorer!
  7. Shoomakan

    LED H7 main beam bulbs

    I recently removed mine. I tried them on both my Range Rover and my S3. The Rover doesn't have lights with the dome-reflector thingies in them, just regular lenses. Surprisingly, LEDs worked better there. On the S3 however, the light became very focused in a small area of the road ahead, barely...
  8. Shoomakan

    GT30 S3.

    My favorite GIF of 2016. Thank you sir.
  9. Shoomakan

    Shoomakan's Intro and Build Thread.

    Thank you very much. I really appreciate the compliment. I drive Pamela ~40km a day on Lebanese roads (which are less than optimal), and I understand that I need a streetable setup rather than a race track setup. :) Even our hillclimbs are held on ****** roads, so an unforgiving setup will do me...
  10. Shoomakan

    Shoomakan's Intro and Build Thread.

    Well since I was flooded with replies and couldn't make sense of it all, @Prawn, can you help me out? You track yours IIRC and I'm sure you know more than I do about suspension setup. @Madmax199, I request your input too if you're kind enough to bestow it.
  11. Shoomakan

    Shoomakan's Intro and Build Thread.

    Hey everyone, been a while since I last updated you guys (but I lurk here every. single. day!) so I've got a question or two. I finally installed my Bilstein coilovers last night. I've been reading about suspension setup(s) and I wanted someone here to weigh in for me on what I've done, and if...
  12. Shoomakan

    Hybrid MAF values

    Just a reminder that I believe this is your WIFE'S CAR, Bill. :P Lucky you, man. If my wife drove a 400+hp, light FWD car I'd find her in a ditch somewhere on the side of our lovely mountainous roads.
  13. Shoomakan

    50/50 haldex mod

    That was very informative and may change the speed at which I will address this. Thanks.
  14. Shoomakan

    50/50 haldex mod

    I absolutely agree it causes wear, but I've put 20,000km on it so far and I haven't noticed any ill effects. Yet. :p I do baby it more than most (I turn off the haldex pump via relay attached to handbrake light), and I always remember to switch off before u-turns or when parking anywhere and I...
  15. Shoomakan

    50/50 haldex mod

    Nope. Besides, installing the plug doesn't magically make it drift, just keeps it engaged. I doubt with less than 400hp on good tires an S3 will "drift", so I don't even bother trying. It's nice for other reasons, like predictability, snow/water driving, and cornering IMO (if you've sorted out...
  16. Shoomakan

    bilstein b12 vs b14

    Sheesh that's pretty low. Donno if I'll drop it that far, but it does look great. Lebanese roads are horrid and I'd worry if I dropped it that low (and my underground parking at home as as steep incline to get into). Might you, by any chance, have a pic on how high it goes? I'm curious. :P
  17. Shoomakan

    bilstein b12 vs b14

    I just ordered a B14 kit. If you'll wait 1.5 months (time for it to arrive) I'll write up a review for you. :P
  18. Shoomakan

    50/50 haldex mod

    I believe that would be me. I soldiered on through and solved my understeer problem by setting up camber. -2.25 degrees in the front, -0.5 in the rear. Corners like it is on rails, and literally does not understeer anywhere, ever. WOT mid way through a corner and it will end up in a 4 wheel...
  19. Shoomakan

    Audi S3 (8L) Race-Car Project

    300kg is the weight of Haldex, eh? Quick search of the world wide web of lies indicates a FWD A3 1.8T at around 1200kgs, whereas an S3 is about 1420kg. You're forgetting the independent rear suspension, too... Haldex system in its entirety is 80kg or so IIRC, not more. The 220kg difference is...
  20. Shoomakan

    Belgian S3

    Yeah, agreed. Binning my cracked Pro4 as soon as humanly possible, too. Pieces of ****.