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  1. IrishDave

    For Sale 1.8t engine parts

    No worries. In no rush as it will be a small project collecting all new valvetrain along the way. Keep me posted if you would. Thanks
  2. IrishDave

    For Sale 1.8t engine parts

    Is the head still available? Is almost a year since things went tits up and I was going to buy this from you. Anyway hopefully if you still have it I will finally get to buy it this time round.
  3. IrishDave

    Am I screwed?

    Did this myself recently cause my car has also been sitting up for the last 2yrs. Managed to turn the engine over lying on my back. No axle stand needed.
  4. IrishDave

    Bbt k418 + Chinafold gasket option?

    Yep copper gaskets are *****. Had one on mine and started blowing. Car has been off the road ever since. Nearly 2 yrs.
  5. IrishDave

    Anti-corrosion warranty results - Please post here

    How many years does the warranty cover. My car has started blistering on the passenger side roof rail.
  6. IrishDave

    down pipe nightmare help!!!!

    Have had the same issue for years. No matter how many times it has been fixed/altered by different mechanics, give it a couple of weeks and it is back rubbing again. Your other option is try and get your money back and get a custom down pipe made specific to your car, which is what I will be...
  7. IrishDave

    Better Brakes S3

    Send me a p.m if you are looking for a set of LCR Brembos.
  8. IrishDave

    NEW AET/Badger5 K04-380 (402bhp dyno'd)

  9. IrishDave

    Clutch Pedal Broke

    Driving along yesterday. Went to change gear and pedal broke, bits of plastic on the floor and the pedal also stuck to the floor. I know this is a fault and happens occasionally, but is it a sign of other problems such as worn out clutch or dmf. Thanks and a Happy New Year to you.
  10. IrishDave

    Reducing downpipe I.D

    The only time it has not rubbed is when the oe manifold was still on the engine.
  11. IrishDave

    Reducing downpipe I.D

    Tried that also. I have pretty much tried everything. My last option is to reduce the pipe size, so I just want to know how much this will affect performance.
  12. IrishDave

    Reducing downpipe I.D

    Already tried the strategic dent and still rubs.
  13. IrishDave

    Reducing downpipe I.D

    Thinking of reducing my down pipe from 3" to 2.5" where it passes the propshaft, using something like this...
  14. IrishDave

    The moderately informational brake thread....

    What discs are people using with lcr brembos. Currently have some **** godspeed discs which have warped so need to be replaced. Not looking to go 330mm, just want a decent disc that will withstand a bit of abuse, track days and not cost a fortune.
  15. IrishDave

    Badger Wagon

    Broken steering arm?
  16. IrishDave

    Audi Meet Mullingar

    Not 100% sure I can make it, but I will put my name down anyway. 1. kadett 244: B5 1.8tqs 2. static.murph: Noggy B5 S4 3. GazC: Imola B5 S4 4. Vinny*Gti: TT conv 300bhp 5. Mossey: B5 1.8tqs 6. koblih22: A4 B6 BEX 7. Shaunie: a3 1.8t 8. mik_da_man: B7 RS4 9. Jaffa: 8L S3 300bhp 10. Eirequattro...
  17. IrishDave

    Part Number Needed

    I assume it is this part number then
  18. IrishDave

    Part Number Needed

    Realised the other day when attempting to change the gasket between the turbo and mani that the support bracket is not there anymore(thanks to the ****** that fitted the mani). So I need the part number for the turbo support bracket
  19. IrishDave

    Turbo Bolts

    Tried purchasing one through your site but it wont let me due to not being able to change destination country. Could you send me a paypal invoice.
  20. IrishDave

    WMI install

    @badger5. With the second nozzle after the t.b does it matter if you have it side entry or top entry.