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  1. CupraDine

    Audi A6 High Mileage - Worth Buying ?!

    Common things like bushes will wear, rust is usually pretty good on these cars, might get some underneath. Manual or Auto, either way see if it needs a service. Some auto boxes are not cheap to service (ask me how I know). Selling as spares or repairs from a dealer will also mean you get no...
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    Have a read of this thread from B5NUT, from post #57 on, there is a lot of detail on the parts for different versions. Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
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    Xenon light upgrade

    If you have standard headlights you may need the auto leveling sensors to upgrade to xenons, these are found on the rear of the car. You will probably need them if you have the headlight level adjustment dial next to the switch. Also you will require headlight washers if you upgrade to xenons...
  4. CupraDine

    A6 C6 Xenon & Halogen Headlamps

    The above is correct, that is how the lights function. The C6 xenons are known to have poor light output, the xenon projectors are not the best, you do have a few options though; What state are the main headlight housings in, if they are badly chipped I recommend getting a headlight restoration...
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    A6 3.0 Tdi ZF gearbox issues

    They weren't used in they many models, the A variant was a version specific to the VW group, which rules out all the BMW's the 6HP19 was used in. I believe most of the 3.0 tdi cars of that era used them, so long as they are the 6 speed. B6/7 A4, Phaeton, A6 C6, A8 D3. Also the 3.2 FSI in the...
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    EPB on while in Drive and stationary

    Sounds like they are confused between a tiptronic and s-tronic gearbox :confusion: Tiptronic has a torque converter, no clutch to "wear out". The s-tronic is a manual with robots to change gear and do the clutch(es) for you more or less. If the manual says it's fine then it's probably fine to...
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    Any common S6 issues

    Are there not oil pressure sensors on the turbo feeds, or is it just for the whole engine. If there are you could monitor these? Edit: Might also be worth looking at an extended warranty from Audi? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Any common S6 issues

    JHM make a re-location kit for the strainer, making it a servicable item, not cheap but for the time and possibly money you save down the line it might be worth it.
  9. CupraDine

    Creaking doors...

    I get this almost every year, the stuff Audi tried to sell me was £40 for ~25ml or something silly. All I do once or twice a year is clean the rubber seals with car soap and grease them with a silicon paste. Solves the problem for long enough I don't mind doing it a couple of times a year...
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    Fuel leak issue

    If it's just a couple of litres and only when you fill the tank then the filler neck may have a leak or not be connected properly to the tank. If you remove the rear wheel and arch liner you can see the filler, check for a leak there perhaps. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Wanted Set of roof bars for A6 C6 Avant

    Looking for a set of roof bars for an A6 C6 Avant (2009) with flush rails. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Not a good day yesterday

    Great news! A testament to your hard work. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Ground location - Glovebox?

    Working from memory I think one of the fuse holder bolts will work? If you have a multimeter then do a continuity test with the 12v in the centre console. They might be one behind the centre console if you have to remove it install the unit? Otherwise remove the panel under the steering wheel...
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    A6 Avant 2008 C6 - Rear Washer leak and blown BOSE amplifier.

    One common issue was the rear washer pipe splitting due to fatigue and poor support. The rear washer pipe runs into the boot lid via the hinge/support on the left side, this is usually the failure point. I have linked a service bulletin from the US which details how to remove and repair it, may...
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    2008 Allroad scrap value only?

    I had my front upper arms replaced a year or so ago, it's two arms per side and they were ~£150 each if I remember correctly. The bill was almost £1k with a couple of track rod ends as well. I don't have air so I don't know if they are different arms or if more work is required to do the job...
  16. CupraDine

    Towbar for RS6 C7

    Probably worth pointing out that Audi don't approve any car for towing (type approval) in the UK if it has DRC (If you're not in the UK then ignore this). Check your logbook and the chassis plates, if these are blank you cannot tow or contact Audi. However, the rules say you cannot tow, you can...
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    Those are pre facelift xenon's to start with. Working from left to right, you have your flash (integrated running light as well), xenon dipped/main beam and indicator. The flash (standard bulb) only comes on when you flash your high beams. If you turn your high beams on, this stay of and the...
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    Fuel cap strap broken

    Never knew you could get just the strap on it's own, thanks. :icon thumright: I ordered the one linked as other listings failed to mention the material and I liked the sound of it. Fitted it yesterday and it fits well, worth noting that the linked one has a right angle at the point it connects...
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    Ignition live

    My towbar was fitted by tow trust by a previous owner, and it has one of these charging relays fitted. Charging Relay A few seconds after starting the terminals marked 6 & 2 switch on and 12v supplied to whatever you need. The terminals are numbered for a Caravan 12s 7 pin socket which you can...
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    Ignition live

    To my knowledge there isn't one, the factory towing module uses the can bus to determine whether the ignition is on or not. I have a relay in my wiring that switches when it sees 13.5 volts ish or more, if you search for towing relay you will find a similar one. I tried to find one when wiring...