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    Haldex ECU Problems

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some advise please. The traction light keeps coming up while im driving. Had it diagnosed and the code shown is: 01324 - Control Module For 4WD (J492) - Sporadic No Communication Ive been advised that this means the Haldex ECU is damaged and will need to be replaced...
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    A4 Avant Quattro Sport (190)6 - FOR SALE

    Hi, Applologies for posting for sale in this area but im having major probs getting photos into the classified section. I have for sale a 53plate Audi A4 Avant Quattro Sport(190)6. Dolphin Grey. Sat Nav. Please see more info and photos at Thanks for looking,
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    S3 FOR SALE!!

    Hi, Firstly can i appologise for posting 'for sale' in here but ive tried on the classified section and im struggling to get my pics on!! I am selling my 2001 S3. Massive amounts of history. Very Rare Mineral Grey. New clutch, water pump and cam belt. Please see the classified section for more...
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    Clutch Slip!!!

    Been out today and had a fool in a civic trye R sitting on my bumper, planted my foot in fourth and as it started to pull i felt the cluch slip, slowed down and did it again........... defo slippage!!!!!:sadlike: Any advise on a replacement??Shall i go for oem replacemnet or upgrade...
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    Wanted - Passenger door side skirt

    Hey, As you can probably guess from the title im looking for the passenger door side skirt and white fixing strip which holds to to the door. If anyone has one for sale or knows where i can get one from that would be great. Cheers Tom
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    Hey, Can someone help me please?? Its a bit of a long winded story but if you have the time to read this it would be greatly appreciated. I have just fitted a set of Eibach lowering springs to my 2001 S3. At the same time as having it lowered i also fitted a set of BBS CH reps (8x18 front with...
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    Help with tyre sizes for staggered wheels!!

    Hey, I own a 2001 S3 and am in the process of buying a set of staggered BBS challenges. The fronts are 18 x 8 and the rears 18x9. Previously i was getting a set which were all 18 x 8.5 and had worked out that the size tyre i needed for them would have been 215/35/18 for the streched look i...
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    Help With Oil Pressure Warning???

    Hi,I own a 2001 volkswagen passat 1.8t and the engine light has recently come on warning about oil pressure.I topped up the oil but then relised that the oil breather pipes are blocked with sludgy oil. The car still runs fine but is burning oil and producing constant smoke. what will i need to...
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    Wanted - Passenger door side skirt

    Hey, The passenger door side skirt on my S3 has popped off and i cant fix it back on. The screw that holds it to the door has rusted and fallen out. Ive tried to replace the screw but cant get one hold because the rusty original screw is left inside the skirt. Cant really see any way of...
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    Play in top mounts?????

    Hey, Had my S3 serviced recently and was told the suspension top mounts have a small amount of play. When im driving it it feels 'loose' and wondered if anyone can help in shedding some light on how to fix this? I was thinking possibly replace the bushes but dont know if this will help? Any...
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    Help With S3 Rear Diff

    Hey, Im hoping someone can help me, i want to try and find out what is making a noise on my car. Ive got a Audi S3 2001. When i turn right or left on full lock or just short of it, a loud scrubbing noise comes from the back somewhere. I only hear this noise on full lock and not when im driving...