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  1. a3 turbp


    No I mean the bushes on the complete rear end
  2. a3 turbp


    Hi guys, I’ve recently fitted powerflex ALK and wishbone bushes for the front. Now I’m wondering if it’s worth polybushing the rear frame as I never see any info on that. I will also be fitting H&R ARBs
  3. a3 turbp

    For Sale Whiteline adjustable Front ARB

    I’d be interested in this but only for postage? Ipswich is 167 miles from me so way too far to travel
  4. a3 turbp

    Heated rear seats

    Can I just ask why you want to do this? My S3 has heated rear seats and they never get used . If you’re close to West Midlands you’re welcome to come and look at mine
  5. a3 turbp

    Wanted Wanted TTE420 OR TTE480 TURBO

    I have tte420 for sale mate. So t be off my car until next weekend though
  6. a3 turbp

    For Sale TTE420 hybrid turbo

    I will have a tte420 turbo for sale in the next few weeks (once it’s been removed from my car). reason for sale is I’m upgrading to a venom 450 turbo. my car made 400bhp 430ftlbs at RTECH 2 years ago with this turbo. I was told would of made more but the milltek exhaust I had on at the time...
  7. a3 turbp

    Wanted TTE420 & 4 Pot calipers for S3 8P

    I’ll have a tte420 for sale soon. It’s still on the car now so you’re welcome to come drive it and hear it working fine. I’d be looking for £1k plus you’re standard S3 turbo?
  8. a3 turbp

    Rear heated seats fitted!

    Hi mate, I have a S3 with heated rear seats. They’re the silver/grey two tone seats and I don’t like them. I’ve bought some lack leathers and was thinking of swapping the covers over so I can keep the heated element. Problem being is I didn’t realise the back rest is heated also, will the bench...
  9. a3 turbp

    S3 pre facelift rear subframe upgrade

    On my 2007 S3 I’ve noticed the rear subframe could do with a overhaul and freshen up. Does anyone know if a rear subframe from a S3 8v/golf r mk7 would fit? They look really similar but not sure if they’re actually the same or not
  10. a3 turbp

    P3 multi gauge

    I’ve bought a ultragauge and must say it’s a load of **** lol. Nothing seems accurate in the slightest
  11. a3 turbp

    P3 multi gauge

    I have iPhone unfortunately but I wonder if it would be cheaper to buy a 2nd hand android phone to use just for the app
  12. a3 turbp

    P3 multi gauge

    How do you rate the gauge? How much will you be wanting for yours?
  13. a3 turbp

    P3 multi gauge

    Thanks, the one I’ve been looking into as got the track pack too so I think it as a few more features on but not sure what
  14. a3 turbp

    P3 multi gauge

    Ok thanks for your honesty, I’ll wait for more replies before I make my mind up lol
  15. a3 turbp

    P3 multi gauge

    ive been on the look out for a gauge for my S3 for a few weeks now and even though they’re expensive I always keep going back to the P3 multi gauge. Has anybody got any reviews/comments on these gauges before I go out and spend £400 on one? Thanks for any help
  16. a3 turbp

    Tte420 vs tte480 turbo???

    I think what you’re seeing with the tte480 being cheaper is if you’re upgrading a tte420 to the 480?
  17. a3 turbp

    Best intercooler for tte420 setup

    Yeah I think I may just fit the new exhaust then get the turbo rebuilt and see how it is then. Like you say anything over 400hp in these cars is good so I’m happy
  18. a3 turbp

    Best intercooler for tte420 setup

    Niki told me he don’t like the powervalve system, he said you can feel the valve shutting then re opening on gear changes and actually lose performance so I’ve listened to his advice, I know what you mean with the meth though but I don’t really want a tank in my boot so I’m gonn leave that I think
  19. a3 turbp

    Best intercooler for tte420 setup

    My car made 400 bhp and 400 ftlbs. Niki said it would be higher with a BCS exhaust that’s why I’ve ordered new one. Problem with my tte420 is that it’s an early one and suffers from compressor surge so if I do want more power then I’ll need to get it taken off and sent to Simon sharp to be...